5 Easy Weekend Getaways from Sydney

Sometimes hustle and bustle of a big city can really suffocate. Even though Sydney offers anything for anybody; rare are the souls who never wish for just a short break far away from the skyscrapers. Here are five suggestions for weekend getaways from Sydney!

Top 5 Weekend Getaways from Sydney

Blue Mountains

Of course, all of Australia offers gorgeous views. But those in the Blue Mountains are maybe the most accessible for Sydneysiders – even those who don’t drive, if they do exist. There is a train from Sydney that goes to Katoomba and it takes about two hours. From there you can access hiking trails or just viewpoints if you’re not much of a hiking type. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the Three Sisters, the famous rock formation that offers plenty of photo opportunities. Other things you can do during your weekend getaways from Sydney: camp, ride the world’s steepest railway, or just take in the views. If you’re driving, the Blue Mountains are just an hour and a half from Sydney.

weekend getaways from Sydney

Hunter Valley

If you’re a wine lover, you shouldn’t miss Hunter Valley – the oldest wine region in Australia, full of family-run wineries that put other wines to shame. There are many wine tasting tours from Sydney. So we suggest taking more than one day for this trip – you don’t want to be driving back after endless sips! Another option is booking a day tour from Sydney. If you’re going on your own, it’s a two-hour drive to the north. Apart from the gorgeous wines, don’t forget to enjoy the vineyard landscapes this region has to offer. Such a rest for the eyes!

But it’s not just pretty sights and wine: with over 150 wineries, you can choose from tours and tastings, spas and other leisure activities, for a real battery charge that will get you ready for the week. If you’re feeling especially active, you can spend your weekend on a rental bike. Just make sure you’re never tipsy enough it muddles your coordination and riding!

weekend getaways from Sydney

Nelson Bay

If you’ve grown sick and tired of Sydney beaches – it can probably happen, though we’re not sure how exactly. Maybe it’s time for a visit of a coastal resort town of just 5000 people – Nelson Bay. Nelson Bay is the largest town of the Port Stephens area and is two and a half hours away of Sydney. Just east of the town there is an aquatic reserve with an amazing marine life; a perfect place for diving and snorkelling. Thanks to the prolific marine life and the views it offers underwater, Nelson Bay could be a perfect place to try scuba diving. Of course, if you opt for this activity, don’t forget to bring diving equipment, because you certainly don’t want to miss out on the fun!

weekend getaways from Sydney

Kangaroo Valley

Tourists come to Sydney and move on to see the Australian animals – but what was the last time you as a Sydneysider spent some time petting kangaroos? Truth be told though, there are more wallabies and wombats in Kangaroo Valley than kangaroos, but nevertheless, the area has beautiful and relaxing landscapes and you can spend a weekend there canoe down the Kangaroo Valley, camp on the river, chase waterfalls, or just walk and enjoy the nature. Kangaroo Valley is a two-hour drive from Sydney.

weekend getaways from Sydney


Okay, maybe you don’t mind the city – but would just like a change of scenery. In that case, head to the Capital of Queensland; or The Sunshine State as they call it for weekend getaways from Sydney. Being over 700 km north of Sydney, it makes for a weekend getaway or even a whole week. Get soaked in the sunshine, because this city has it all year round! You can kayak on the Brisbane River, walk around the bustling CBD, and get some delicious seafood. Or just move on to the wonderful surrounding nature, such as national parks or beaches. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

weekend getaways from Sydney

Whatever you choose, have a good time – and it will make you appreciate seeing the Golden Bucket back again on Monday. Safe travels!

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