5 Ways to Travel More While in College

College is often described as the “best four years of your life“. The chance to travel – whether nearby or overseas – enriches that time even more. After all, learning in college doesn’t always happen inside the classroom. Explore a few less conventional experiences and get ready to take off with these 5 ways to travel more while in college!

Seeing a new part of the world expands your horizons.

To enrich your collegiate life and outgrow the academic wisdom, consider alternative travels, beyond the popular spring break destinations. While study abroad is a very common way to travel in college, your personal budget or academic requirements may not accommodate that.

Don’t think traveling is reserved for the rich only, as you don’t have to fly across the ocean for an amazing experience.

Explore a few less conventional experiences and get ready to take off!

” The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

5 Ways to Travel More While in College

Mission Trips

This abroad travel combines volunteering with church work. Mission trips are a great way to connect with a global spiritual society and even strengthen your own faith. Mission work is often paid for through fundraising.

You can take part in a mission trip even if you’re not religious.

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But, you should be conscious of respecting a different worldview and be aware that mission trips often require church attendance. Mission work can be challenging since they often involve going to poverty- or disaster-stricken regions. It’s important to understand the full scope of what you’ll be getting into.

By doing good you get to develop your soft skills, learn to collaborate, become a better team player or even take the lead. In addition, these trips allow you to travel, meet amazing people and build your resume with references, without breaking the bank.

Service Trips

While a service trip can be challenging, it’s rewarding to give back. Most of the times, they last at least a week, so they’re a good fit for an alternative spring break. A service trip will get you out of the so-called “college bubble” by exposing you to areas of acute need over the world.


Those areas could even be in your own backyard: many sectors affected by natural disasters are interstate.

The distinction between a service trip and volunteering is rather simple. A service trip is often organized for a specific demographic (e.g. college students!) so you’ll get more program support.


It’s easy to become overwhelmed in college, what with the pressure of everything from relationships to course loads and exams. Consider volunteering as a slight getaway.

Volunteering opportunities vary, so you’re sure to find something that fits your qualification and interests. Many of them involve childcare in a third world country, such as working in an orphanage or teaching English.

For environmentalists and ecology enthusiasts, wildlife conservation positions might be an interesting choice.

When you decide to help those less fortunate than you, you get a different perspective on your own life. Stress, finals and other hurdles might start to appear smaller when you are taking care of children somewhere far away.

Charity work is a surefire stress relief method.

Surviving college becomes easy while you feel useful by contributing to society. Helping others reduces anxiety and loneliness since you’re working with other volunteers.

Although you generally pay a registration cost to volunteer, you can also find plenty scholarships or grants to either reduce or eliminate those fees.

5 Ways to Travel More While in College

The best part of volunteering?

Sometimes you can count the trip towards your graduation requirements or course credits!

To do so, pick something that’s relevant to your field. You should also speak to your adviser and your academic department before you go so that you can leverage the opportunity as much as possible.

Keep good records during your experience so you can put on your transcript at ease.

Abroad Internships

Interning at a company overseas gives you a competitive edge in the job market since companies look for an international experience more and more. This experience proves you’re able to interact well with people of all backgrounds.

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An internship abroad is beneficial in other ways, too. It enables you to test your interests and skills, even if you think that you already have a pretty good idea of what you want to do.

Hit two birds with one stone by using the internship as academic credit as well.

A paid position will help offset the setup costs of finding housing and paying for the plane ticket over. And if you’re able to get credit for it, you’re actually getting paid to learn!

Club Trips

Joining a club in college connects you with other people who are passionate about the same things you are. Not only that, some of these clubs also provide field trips for their members. Perhaps won’t be traveling far, but you’ll still learn a lot.

5 Ways to Travel More While in College

For example, Greek life on campus sometimes have retreats for participating fraternities and sororities. This can be anything from a lakeside getaway to a visit to a nearby theme park. You’ll build brother-or sisterhood while also focusing on chapter goals.

If you’re in a music group on campus, such as a choir or band, you may travel for performances around the region. Other clubs are more travel-focused, which will involve longer trips. Go to your student office and talk to them about what your school has to offer.

You might even be able to start a club of your own!

My Last Tip

These days, travel has become more and more accessible, and for those who keep an open mind, every day is a school day.  During our schooling years, we absorb more information than ever, so it becomes the best time to leverage and learn as much as possible.

Traveling happens to be the most enjoyable way to expand our knowledge outside the books or classrooms.

A lot of profound life’s lessons await to happen on your trips. And it’s not just the sun and surf of a stereotypical spring break.

Get outside your comfort zone and go overseas! You’ll be all the better for it.

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