5 Ways to Take Your Workout with You While Traveling

Eating healthy and exercising regularly can be a difficult task to accomplish when staying at home; let alone during business travels and much-needed vacations, when all you want to do is lay back and relax. Making excuses about not having the time or not having your workout gear is easy; but that doesn’t mean you should succumb to the temptation. Here are five ways you can squeeze in a workout and keeping fit while traveling; and not worry about messing up your exercising routine.

How to Keep Fit while Traveling

Hire a professional travel agent

Working with a professional travel and wellness advisor allows you to voice any concerns regarding your dietary and exercise routines. Travel advisors have the necessary experience, as well as the inside knowledge needed to recommend hotels, resorts, and locations that cater to the well-being of their guests and their workout needs. Furthermore, travel agents can plan various activities for their clients that include fitness activities, healthy cuisine, spa amenities and work on providing them with the most physically active travel adventures.

keeping fit while traveling

Pick the appropriate hotel

Picking the right hotel to stay in is difficult enough, let alone finding one that has an indoor gym or supplies their guests with workout gear. Again, this is something you can talk over with your travel agent and have them look for the ideal hotel; but you can also do a little search on your own using Google Maps to look for nearby gyms and good running spots. Some hotels go as far as loaning workout gear to their guests, which is excellent news for those who prefer to travel light or seem to have forgotten their workout clothes or running shoes.

Stick to your daily routine

Whether you’re going on a scheduled business trip or are enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime vacation of your dreams, the best option when it comes to working out is to simply stick to your routine. If you used to visit the gym three times a week back at home, make sure to train three times a week even when you’re not at home. Keeping track of your dietary and workout regimes can be difficult when you’re on a vacation or traveling constantly, which is why it may be best for you to install one of those diet and exercise tracking apps and make sure you don’t fall behind on your workout routine.

keeping fit while traveling

Explore everything by foot

Staying in shape and keeping fit while traveling can be as simple as grabbing your shoes and heading out the door. Most hotels have dedicated walking and running paths to and from the hotel; which makes going out for a quick run a lot easier. Instead of riding in the back of the tour bus and listening to a tour guide recite all the facts; you can use running both as a workout and a tour of the place. Stick to the well-known trails and if you plan on going off-road; make sure your phone is fully charged and don’t forget to bring a map with you.

Always carry your workout clothes with you

Carrying your workout and bodybuilding wear with you when traveling is important for a number of reasons. First, it prevents you from making any excuses for skipping a workout solely because you forgot your gear. Second, the very act of changing from your regular clothes into your workout attire is a strong psychological motivator; and leads to the formation of good habits further along the road. Even if you’re not in the mood to run or work out; the moment you step into your workout clothes is the moment when your brain starts signaling your body that it’s time to go to work; which is why it’s best to carry your workout gear wherever you go.

As you can see, working out and keeping fit while traveling is not that difficult. Granted, we easily get distracted by the urge to sit back and enjoy our hard-earned vacation; but that doesn’t mean that we should simply abandon the healthy lifestyle we worked so hard on cultivating up until that point. Talk to your travel agent, pick the right hotel and avoid making excuses. Your dietary and workout routines should be consistent regardless whether you’re staying at home or traveling around the world.

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