5 Travel Safety Apps To Keep You Safe On Your Trip

When you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s always important to fully plan your trip, especially if you’re going to a location that you’ve never been to before. Proper planning can help you make the most out of your trip, all while minimizing the chances that you’ll run into problems. Just like there are mobile apps designed to make your live easier when you’re at home or in the office. There are many travel safety apps made to help you when you’re traveling.

You simply have to choose the right ones. Some apps give you a smarter and more efficient way to plan your trip; give you access to world maps; teach you words and phrases in various languages or help you decide what you should pack.

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Staying safe while you travel is sometimes difficult, as unexpected events can take place while you’re away from home. However, installing the right apps on your smartphone can be very helpful. Here are some of the best travel safety apps.

Top 5 Travel Safety Apps

1. GeoSure

GeoSure is one of the top location-based security apps available for Android devices. It provides you with a complete analytically modeled assessment of the security situation in any area of the world. Unlike some other apps that merely fetch information from a few sources and summarize it for you, GeoSure uses a sophisticated analytical engine to not only report on the current safety and security situation at a location, but also predict what is likely to happen in the near future. The app performs an analysis of data obtained from sources like the WHO; US State Department; local authorities; the CDC and United Nations.

It provides a safety score that considers factors such as health risks, environmental threats and political instability. GeoSure also lets you help out fellow travelers by sharing information on favorable or unfavorable events happening in any location in the world.

2. Citymapper

This smart travel app will help ensure that you never get lost when you visit a city you’re unfamiliar with. Citymapper’s user interface has been updated to make it very simple to use while on the go. You can use the app to look up where a certain address is, but it can do a lot more than that.

Citymapper helps you get to where you want to go by suggesting the best route depending on how you’re getting there. It optimizes the route depending on whether you’re walking; taking public transportation like a bus, train, subway or ferry; taking a taxi, including Uber or Lyft; using a car or bike sharing service. You can follow your trip in real-time with directions provided every step of the way. If you’re traveling by bus or train, it provides you with schedule information and reminds you when to get off.

Finally, a very useful feature of Citymapper that many other map apps lack is its ability to notify you of delays and disruptions affecting your travel route. It then shows you alternate routes to get to your destination as quickly and conveniently as possible. Citymapper is currently available for 39 cities around the world. The developers are working to add more locations in the near future.

3. Sitata Travel Safe

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Anyone who travels needs to be aware of the health and safety threats at their destination. Outbreaks of disease; violent protests and political instability can make an area very dangerous. Even destinations that are generally seen as safe and stable can be affected by factors like extreme weather or civil disruptions such as strikes by transportation workers.

Sitata Travel Safe notifies you with alerts based on location. It also provides you with information that can be very useful in an emergency; such as the location of hospitals and emergency numbers. You can share information about any events you’ve experienced with others and read crowdsourced advice related to the safety situation in a specific area.

The app is completely free to download and use. Sitata is very useful for travelers. You can also use it back home to receive alerts in case events like a natural disaster or severe weather are affecting your area.

4. TunnelBear

Many people use public Wi-Fi networks, like those offered by hotels, airports, train stations, restaurants and coffee shops while they travel. Having free access to the Internet can definitely be convenient, but it comes with security risks. Unsecured public networks are sometimes targeted by cyber criminals.

They can launch a variety of attacks, such as intercepting data that is being transferred between the Internet and your device. It can allow them to steal login information to online banking; email and social media accounts. There have also been cases where cyber criminals have set up fake networks with official-looking names. When users connected to these networks, they would be redirected to phishing websites or pages that attempt to get them to install malware on their devices under the guise of being a “software update.”

TunnelBear is a VPN app that makes it safer to browse the Internet on public networks. It uses 256-bit AES encryption to secure all your data and keep it from being intercepted, in addition to keeping your IP address and location information private. It’s not only useful when traveling, but also when you use your mobile device on a public Wi-Fi network in your home town.

5. SOS – Stay Safe!

This app comes in both a free and pro version. It contains features that enhance your safety whenever you travel. The app lets you automatically notify people, such as friends; coworkers or relatives, if you’re in a dangerous situation. You can trigger the alert just by clicking your phone’s power button three times and the app will send a text or email to your chosen contacts with your location; your phone’s battery level; the time the alert was triggered and a recorded sound clip.

You can further customize it to send alerts to local security agencies, such as the police and community watch groups to receive assistance. As it’s a peer to peer application, it doesn’t need to store any of your personal info to work.

Safe Travels!

Being well prepared is essential to staying safe while you travel, whether it’s for business or a vacation. In today’s connected world; this includes getting all the useful travel safety apps you need loaded onto your phone before your trip. The travel safety apps presented here are some of the best currently available; and contain a variety of features that enhance your safety and security, no matter where you are.

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