Top 5 Travel Careers That Allow You To See The World

Most people want a job that will let them travel the world and achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve this goal. It takes hard work and dedication; but if you pick the right career, you can travel as part of your work. Here are 5 travel careers that are great for travelers.

5 Travel Careers

Top 5 Travel Careers to Travel the World

English Teacher

Teaching English. 5 Travel Careers

English as a foreign language teachers, or EFL teachers, are one of the 5 travel careers in highest demand all over the world; especially in top destinations like Germany, France, Korea, and Japan. EFL contracts are famously generous; giving teachers tons of time off to give private lessons on the side and travel whenever they want.

If you teach in the European Union, you’ll have access to tons of train routes connecting you to countries all throughout Europe. Asian countries are wide open as well .There’s plenty to see in a place like Korea, but if you get bored, incredible destinations like Thailand and Vietnam are just a short plane ride away.

Traveling Nurse

Traveling nurse. 5 Travel Careers
Traveling nurse. Flickr: aaron gilson / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

With the rise of medical tourism; there is also a growing need for medical professionals who are willing to travel to the far stretches of the globe and offer their expertise. Traveling nurses are expected to either find work in a foreign hospital or surgical center, bringing their high quality medical training to bear in healthcare destinations, or travel alongside medical tourists to ensure great medical care throughout their journey.

Many of the world’s top destinations for medical tourism can be found in India and Southeast Asia; making this the perfect career for lovers of spicy food!

Private Chef

Private chef. 5 Travel Careers

The reality is that most of us are never going to reach a point in our lives where we can take months off of work to sail around the world. The next best thing, then, is to tag along with those who can afford this luxury. By taking up private chef jobs on the superyachts of the rich and famous; you can see the world while raking in the big bucks.

As anyone who has worked in the food industry can tell you; famous clients are likely to have very particular, and sometimes weird, demands. But if you’re a patient person and you love what you do, this is the perfect excuse to travel all over the world in style.


businessman. 5 Travel Careers

Nothing lets you take vacations whenever you want like being your own boss; which is not surprising when you consider that 84 percent of entrepreneurs start their own businesses for the sake of independence. Couple this with a career that sees you traveling around to meet with clients and you’ve got a winner for people who love to travel. Selling products, either your own or someone else’s; is a great way to own your own business and set your own hours.

You can up the ante by selling to customers abroad; giving you an excuse to treat high power customers (and yourself) to some of the best food each country has to offer.

Sports Instructor

surfing instructor. 5 Travel Careers

Hot tourist destinations are filled with extreme sports, such as scuba diving, alpine skiing, and rock climbing. Tourists will always need personable instructors and guides to show them the ropes; giving those who want an athletic career an excuse to set up workshops pretty much anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re teaching flatlanders how to ski in Switzerland, diving after lobsters in Thailand, or leading parties up a sheer cliff face in Greece; there are plenty of great traveling careers for outdoor lovers of all stripes.

We all want to travel, but we all need to work as well. By picking one of these top 4 travel careers that lets you travel all over the world; you can do what you love and get paid at the same time.

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