Why You Should Visit Venice

Venice is one of those cities that is truly world-famous. It is one of those cities that are simply overwhelmingly gorgeous—I can’t state it any other way. Venice is easily the world’s most architecturally beautiful city, unique in its very own way and with jaw-dropping scenes waiting around every street corner.

Because of the undeniable fame of Venice, you will be able to find information about how to visit Venice everywhere, be it online or offline.

In this post, I don’t want to focus on how to visit Venice, but rather on why you should visit Venice. Although the reasons may be obvious, there are in fact people that do not like Venice at all. And I do have to admit that the city gets ridiculously crowded around midday and is extremely expensive. On the other hand, the crowds and expensiveness don’t diminish the sheer splendour of the city.

5 Top Reasons to Visit Venice

Venice Gorgeous in the Morning

5 Top Reasons to Visit Venice: Grand Canal
Grand Canal, Venice

Although the city gets overrun by day-trippers around noon and in the afternoon, the mornings in Venice are gloriously quiet. Make sure to stay in Venice itself and get out of bed even before sunrise and head into the heart of the city. Watching the sunrise on the banks of the Grand Canal or at St. Mark’s Square is nothing less than spectacular.

The Architecture is Unique and Astonishing

5 Top Reasons to Visit Venice: St. Mark's Square
St. Mark’s Square, Venice

Honestly, every building in Venice is gorgeous, painted in the prettiest of pastels and adorned with those typically Venetian windows. Add to that the numerous canals that crisscross the city and the countless bridges that cross them and you have a mix that results in the world’s most beautiful city.

Getting Lost is Fun

5 Top Reasons to Visit Venice: Canal and Bridge
Canal and bridge

Even with a detailed map, you will get lost in Venice—it’s simply unavoidable. The lay-out of Venice looks like an incredibly intricate maze, a dense spider web of both alleyways and narrow canals. Luckily, there are worse places to get lost than Venice. Everywhere you turn, you’ll stumble upon an amazing sight; a square or a church or a picturesque bridge. And eventually, if you just keep walking (or ask for directions), you’ll end up near some kind of landmark.

The Nearby Islands Are Surprisingly Beautiful

5 Top Reasons to Visit Venice: Burano
Colorful houses in Burano

The Venetian lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is dotted with little archipelagos and islands. Two of them, both located a short boat ride from Venice, are particularly worth visiting. The island of Murano of famous for its glass, while the island of Burano is well-known for its colorful streets and lace-making.

You Can’t Go for a Gondola Ride Anywhere Else

5 Top Reasons to Visit Venice: Gondolas
Venice gondolas

The very symbol of Venice, gondolas aren’t found anywhere else in the world. So, if you ever want to go for a ride in a gondola, Venice is the place to do it. They’re expensive, though, and you should expect to pay between 80 and 100 euros for a ride—gondolas can take up to 6 people. Sunset rides are the most expensive, but this is also arguably the best time to do it.

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