5 Tips for the Productive Digital Nomad

Many people dream of being able to one day unchain themselves from their desk jobs to travel the world. Sometimes, they will eagerly look forward to jobs that allow them to travel and cross things off their bucket list, only to find that business travel doesn’t allow for much in the way of taking in sights or enjoying the local atmosphere. Recently, a new trend emerged that allows travel enthusiasts to work and enjoy the local sights and scenes. Digital nomads are remote workers that have the flexibility to work from any location. Sometimes they are freelancers who take full advantage of the gig economy, and sometimes they are simply regular remote workers. Whether you are working your way to be a digital nomad or already one, here some tips that’ll help you be a productive digital nomad.

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How do a Productive Digital Nomad Work?

Rather than settling down and working from a home base, digital nomads take the opportunity to roam the world. While being a digital nomad can seem like a great life, there are pitfalls that can ruin the dream. Traveling offers a wide variety of opportunities that can also become a distraction. Here are some tips for productive digital nomads that can help you steer the business and travel roads successfully.

1. Stick to a Schedule

Just like any type of freelance or remote work, being a productive digital nomad requires a great deal of discipline. Getting into a regular rhythm and pattern of work can help you stay focused when local attractions are calling. This is particularly important when you are in a new location and itching to get out and explore. People are creatures of habit, so a disciplined schedule quickly becomes a habit that can help you stay on track. Conversely, sticking to a disciplined schedule can also help you remember to put your work away when it’s time to get out and explore.

2. Have regular work hours

One great thing about being a productive digital nomad is you can largely choose your own hours. Sometimes, your schedule may be dependent on your employer, but whatever hours you work, they should be regular and steady. This can also help you stick to your schedule, which can once again help you stay focused and minimize distraction. In some cities, you may adjust your hours a bit to fit in with local rhythms, but whatever hours you choose, you should work the same hours every day.

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3. Choose the right working space

One of the best perks of telecommuting is that you can work from anywhere but finding just the right environment to conduct business can be quite tricky. While a café is often a go-to place to work, they can be distracting and quite noisy.

One way to help you stay on task is to find a coworking space. Often times, it is easier to work when you are surrounded by other people who are also working. This can prove to be another distraction, however, so if there isn’t a good coworking space available, try and find a quiet place to work each day that is conducive to focus and concentration. Libraries are also a great option, since they are public places that also tend to be very quiet and will often even offer free internet services.

4. Use the Right Tech and Software

From scheduling tools to project management tools to task automation software, there are a wide variety of software solutions available that can help a productive digital nomad stay connected, focused and on task. For most digital nomads, their laptop is life, so a good VPN service can also help you keep all of your files and information safe when using public Wi-Fi. While many say that telecommuting while traveling is not an option, today’s tech actually makes it a totally viable option.

5. Avoid Burnout and take Regular Breaks, Stay Active

Even in the most beautiful and exotic locations, it can be easy to get so caught up in work that you end up suffering from burnout. Creating a regular, disciplined schedule can also help you be disciplined about shutting work away entirely when it’s time to get out and explore. A good schedule should be a good blend of work and leisure time, including plenty of breaks and lots of activity.

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High Tatras, Slovakia

No matter where you go or what you do, achieving work life balance is always a challenge. For newer digital nomads, it can be difficult to focus on work when there are so many new sights to take in and places to explore. Over time, however, even traveling can lose its shine and become more of a grind than an adventure. By sticking to a few basic disciplines, you can get all the work done you need to achieve and still have time to find all the little hidden local gems that make traveling so enjoyable in the first place.

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