5 Activities To Add When Planning Student Holidays

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Vacations are one of the most important parts of every student life. They allow them to take a break from the busy school day and demanding school activities. The joy of breaking for a holiday can quickly transform into boredom and disappointment, especially when you have nothing to do. Luckily, planning your holiday activities ahead of time can keep you engaged and entertained. Here are 5 activities for planning student holidays that will make your vacation exciting and memorable.

5 Activities to Include When Planning Student Holidays

1.Get Outside

After staying inside all winter, the summer vacation presents you with an opportunity to enjoy tons of outdoor activities. You can get out your bike and enjoy a nice, long ride. Hitting the beach for an afternoon of tanning or swimming is another exciting activity that can make your vacation exciting. You can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes and fresh air by jogging or taking a walk in a park near you.

2. Go Camping

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Camping is an excellent summertime activity, and it is an amazing way of spending quality time with your friends enjoying the outdoors. However, you must be ready to dedicate your time and energy towards making camping fun and memorable. Gather a few of your friends and go put up a tent somewhere. Ideal places for setting up a tent include a yard, a campsite, or even an open ground.

Ensure you have the essential camping equipment so that you continue enjoying your camping even in the event of rain. You don’t need to spend all your savings or borrow a ridiculous amount of money from your parents to acquire fancy camping gear. Just go for a simple tent or create a homemade tent using readily available materials. Consider setting up a camp strategically by a lake where you will enjoy a wonderful view and access the swimming grounds easily. Camping and swimming would be without a doubt a great combination.

3.Visit Student-friendly Destinations

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Berlin Cathedral on Museum Island

Even if you are cash-strapped, you deserve a holiday. Many affordable and student-friendly travel destinations are available out there. You just need to do some research and identify a place worth visiting when planning student holidays. For instance, Berlin is a global travelling destination that is friendly to students. Apart from being the home to five public universities and the largest art school in Europe, Berlin also has an awesome nightlife.

In addition to the nightlife, an extension of the Berlin Wall called the East Side Gallery is a centre for the free art exhibition. In this city, you will enjoy traditional dishes like schnitzel and currywurst. Another thing that makes Berlin a recommended student travelling place is its accommodation facilities that are more affordable compared to other major cities in Europe. You can also consider contacting the service providers like Sure Thing Schoolies Travel who specializes in crafting such tours for students. They provide student-friendly and affordable travel packages with keeping the learning concept intact.

4.Go on Road Trip

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Road trips allow you to travel across towns, megacities, and even countries. They give you a chance to see different places and enjoy the beautiful scenery. With lots of time on your hand to peep outside and enjoy the view, long road trips can be not only exhausting but also boring. However, long road trips don’t have to be boring. There are tons of games and music you can play to add some light-hearted fun to your road trip.

Some games only require swift wit and mental alertness. The alphabet game is ideal for both family and friends’ road trips. The games involve picking a topic, including countries, food, or animals, and assigning players letter A up to Z. Then, the participants take turns to mention something that begins with their assigned letter. Another trick to make your road trip unforgettable is to create a collection of sing-along songs and play them while on the road. Offer everyone in the car to choose his or her favourite song. This way, you will mix up the genres and make the music session fun altogether.

5. Learn Some Yoga Skills

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When it comes to planning student holidays, enjoyment and learning new skills should go together. Yoga is an ideal way to relax your mind and be patient. Gather a couple of your friends and practice some of the common yoga moves. You don’t necessarily need to enroll in yoga classes; you could just find a book or browse the Internet for yoga videos.

School vacations give you the break that you really deserve. Spend your holiday by engaging in activities that will keep you busy and entertained. With the above 5 activities, you will make your holiday unforgettable, productive, and fun-filled.

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