5 Tips for Millennials Budget Traveling

Humans have many primary needs: food, water, shelter, affection, to name a few. Travel is not one of those primary needs, yet it’s a desire that many people wish to satisfy. Travel is becoming more affordable and more available every year. Influenced by social media, Millennials as a generation are spending more money on experiences than anything else. Even when you’re traveling on a budget, there are always other ways to save some money. Here are some tips for millennials budget traveling for an even more enjoyable experience.

Top 5 Tips for Millennials Budget Traveling

1. Be Flexible

Millennials Budget Traveling

Getting the best deal is one of the best ways to save money. If you can be flexible and are willing to leave your dates and destination open, you can get a better deal. You’ll also find that traveling during the off season is cheaper; this means going to warmer places in the winter and colder places in the summer. Travel Tuesday through Thursday or on Saturdays, and you might save as much as 50% on your airfare alone.

Don’t forget to delete your cookies or use incognito mode to search booking sites, too. Otherwise, they’ll remember what you were looking for and give you higher prices.

2. Pack Light

You’re going on a short trip, not moving. Leave the closet at home and take only what you really need. Keep in mind that the lighter you travel, the less money you’ll spend checking luggage.

Millennials Budget Traveling, luggage

Do consider spending more money on quality luggage, however. The additional upfront expense will be well worth it, as splurging on a single suitcase and backpack that will last years will be much cheaper than replacing those same, lower quality bags once or twice a year. Plus, you’ll be more likely to choose carefully and only take the clothes you need and that fit in the luggage you bought.

Remember to take advantage of technology, too. A cell phone and tablet or laptop takes the place of the dictionary, maps, books, and magazines that were once required to stave off boredom and manage to get around in foreign countries.

3. Live Like a Local

Hotels come with lots of perks, but if you’re going to be out and about all the time anyway, why not book an Airbnb? It’s less expensive; and all you really need is a good bed, a place to store your luggage and a shower.

Millennials Budget Traveling, Relaxing in Bangkok, Thailand
Relaxing in Bangkok

Don’t be shy, either. Talk to locals, get to know the city through their eyes. Avoid tourist trap activities, and maybe even make a friend who will give you a guided tour. Pay your new friend with laughs and quality conversation. If you are too shy to talk to people, use a site like Trip Advisor to get travel advice from the locals.

4. Opt For Something Totally Different

If you’re one of the millennials budget traveling, and you truly think you’ve exhausted all your options for saving more money, turn your travels into working vacations instead. Consider house-sitting – it’s a chance to live rent-free in a fully equipped home and truly see how the locals live. Try joining house-sitting membership sites, but make sure you create a strong, information-filled profile – after all, you’re asking homeowners to take a leap of faith and invite you, a stranger, to care for their home.

Millennials Budget Traveling, cash, wallet, money

Maybe you don’t want to work while you travel, but the budget is still very tight. Camping is another great option. It can be as expensive or as cheap as you make it. You’ll need a good tent and sleeping pad. And you don’t have to sacrifice any of the comforts of modern life to enjoy a safe and happy trip into nature. You can purchase battery backup devices to charge your electronics, and there’s tons of cute, inexpensive camping supplies such as pots and pans, chairs, and more that will make your trip luxurious and fun. You’ll have the chance to enjoy nature, eat healthy, and make exercise a part of your daily routine. How much better can it get?

5. Lose Your Shy

When it comes to purchasing power, the best way to get a deal is to negotiate. If you want to negotiate, you have to have confidence. Not all parts of the world are willing to haggle and you might find it tough at first, if you aren’t used to it. But if you’re able to score a good deal, there’s nothing better.

Haggle in Rome, Italy, Barter
Haggle in Rome

Do keep in mind, though, that you are representing your own country while traveling and you don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression of your country. But everyone, in every country, does have one thing in common; we all value our hard-earned money and don’t want to spend more than we have to.

There are plenty of ways to cut back at home and save money for millennials budget traveling. But it’s also important to look for ways to cut the cost of your travels as much as you can, without sacrificing quality or pleasure. The more you do it, the more you may find that you enjoy finding ways to save on travel as much as you enjoy the actual travel itself.

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