5 Tips for Frequent Road Trippers

Quitting your job to travel is the dream for sure, but it’s important to remember that travelling all the time comes with its own challenges. If you’re always on the road, then you’re going to have to be prepared for that kind of lifestyle. Here are five tips for frequent road trippers out there who want to live their life free of chains.

Top 5 Tips for Frequent Road Trippers

Travel in Comfort

Road Tripping in Small Vehicle. Frequent Road Trippers

Your beat-up Honda Civic may have gotten you back and forth from your 9 to 5 without any issues, but if you’re planning on spending the better part of some days in the car, then you’re going to want to do a little better. Use the money that you’re saving to upgrade your wheels, either to a more luxurious car, an RV that you can live out of, or, for the adventurous, adopt the van life.

There are also smaller upgrades that you can make to your current travel situation, including things like:

  • Seat cushions to keep your back in good condition.
  • Keeping your heating and air conditioning in good shape.
  • A traveler’s pillow to help rest your neck.

Clean Your Ride

This goes hand in hand with comfort, but it bears mentioning on its own. Nobody wants to live out of a dirty home, so why would you settle for a dirty car? If you’re constantly on the road, then treat your car like your temple — keep the interior clean and organized, maintain the engine and other components, and present a nice exterior. Pride in your vehicle will go a long way.

Take the Scenic Route

Frequent Road Trippers. On The Road To Your Next Adventure ©MDHarding
On The Road To Your Next Adventure ©MDHarding

Bland freeways are for people with an intense need to get somewhere fast. If you’re living your dream and traveling all the time, then the journey really does start to become more important. In the United States, most maps will include recommended scenic routes. Take these and you might just be surprised at what you find.

However, be wary of the fact that scenic routes are often not very well populated. Keep your gas tank at a comfortable level and make sure that you have snacks in the car in case it ends up being miles between stops.

Take Care of Your Body

Frequent Road Trippers.

Sitting in the car for most of your day can take its toll on your body. Here are some things that you can do to keep your body in good shape so that you can get the most out of your traveling experiences:

  • Exercise regularly. Be sure to do routines specifically for road trip fitness so that you don’t neglect any muscle groups.
  • Get a pad for your car seat. Factory seats don’t always have the support that you need if you’re spending a great deal of time on the road.
  • Junk food is easy when you’re traveling, but don’t let that be the only thing you eat. Prep healthy meals in advance or look for healthier fast food options on the roadside.

Make Plans in Advance

Frequent Road Trippers.

No road trip will be fun if you’re constantly bogged down with logistics. Plan ahead whenever you go on a road trip. Planning ahead for road trips includes:

  • Packing the essentials in advance. Do not leave packing to the last minute or you will inevitably leave important items behind — to the detriment of your travel experience.
  • Find fun activities at your destination before you arrive. This will help you breeze through your experience once you get there, but it will also tell you how long you should plan to stay.
  • Book lodgings for intermediate stops before you hit the road. There’s no feeling worse than pulling into the only hotel for miles just to find out that they’re all booked up for the night.

Traveling all the time can be incredibly rewarding! Make sure that you do it well by being prepared for your trip and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With these tips you can enjoy your travel experiences to their fullest.

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