5 Tips For Better Camping Comfort

Camping is getting more and more popular since people treat it as an escape from the busy city life. However, inexperienced campers may find it difficult to accommodate to being in nature, without the wonders of civilization. Here are 5 tips on how to enjoy better camping comfort when you head out.

Get the right gear

Man in woods with camping gear; better camping comfort

Depending on the season and the location you’ve picked, your choices will be different. However, the base for every camping trip stays the same.

First, you will need a tent. The specification of every tent states if it is for winter or summer. Also, regarding its size, consider not only the number of people that are going to sleep in it but also the amount of gear you will be bringing. For example, a tent in which four people can sleep doesn’t give you much room for anything else. So size up on the tent to accommodate your gear.

Other than tents, you’ll need something to sleep in. You can choose from a variety of sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows, blankets, or whatever else you may need to feel truly comfortable.

Bring enough food and water

Even if you plan to hunt or go gathering during your camping, make sure you have enough food and water, as well as cooking supplies, for everyone coming. You can never have too much, but if you eat all the food too early you’ll have to either cut your trip short or go hungry; either situation is bad.

If you are going to an area where it will be hot or where there is a possibility of encountering bears, you will definitely need food storage containers. You want the kind that will keep food from going bad from the heat and prevent smells from inviting unwanted guests.

Have something to start a fire

Man making a camp fire; better camping comfort

No trip is complete without a fire for better camping comfort. However, be careful to check rules about fires and collecting firewood if you are staying in any public or recreational area. It’s a good idea to bring your own firewood and as many matches as you can.

Having matches to light a fire is a good idea, but smoking in the woods is not. So if you are a smoker we suggest bringing some high-quality nicotine e-liquids to have as a substitute for smoking while you are camping. Just be sure to stock up; have enough on hand to avoid the need to smoke cigarettes. That way you won’t risk endangering yourself and the rest of your camping crew!

Bring enough clothes

This should go without saying, but you need to bring enough clothes to have every day. A good idea would be to bring a surplus of clothes for at least two days longer than you are staying, just in case anything happens. You’ll be outside and the weather can be fairly unpredictable; if you get wet, you’ll need a change of clothes. Also, make sure you bring enough warm clothes for those nights you plan on sitting in front of the fire, singing or telling scary stories. Mornings and nights can be pretty cold in nature, so be prepared.

Go au natural

People camping by a river

While spending time in nature, embrace all it has to offer. If there is a possibility, eat the things you can find. Just be careful not to eat any berries that you are unsure of, since they may be poisonous. If you are an inexperienced camper, you may want to bring a guide to berries and which are safe to eat.

If there is a river, lake, or a stream in the vicinity of your campsite, and the weather doesn’t prevent it, go skinny dipping and take care of your personal hygiene in that way. For a winter camping trip, make sure you have enough wet wipes to be as clean as possible.


Camping can sound scary to people who live in the city. But, once you try it, you’ll fall in love and will want to go again. So, we hope these tips for better camping comfort inspired you to give it a shot!

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