5 Tips for an Awesome Cruise Ship Excursion

For many people, one of the best parts of cruising is the exciting excursions on offer. From exhausting but totally worth it city tours around some of Europe’s most fascinating capitals to chilled out days spent at luxury all-inclusive beach resorts, whatever you’re into there’s always the perfect cruise ship excursion for you. Here are five tips for an awesome cruise ship excursion; to ensure you make the absolute most of your time on shore and experience a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life for all the right reasons.

Follow these tips to have the best cruise excursion ever! Awesome Cruise Ship Excursion
Follow these tips to have the best cruise excursion ever!

How to have an Awesome Cruise Ship Excursion

1. Dress properly

You might spend your days on deck sporting little more than your swimwear, but the second you step foot off the gangplank the rules change. Not only is it important to dress appropriately for the weather (and any expected weather changes – check your daily guide!) but it’s also vital you dress for the activities you’ll be doing. Expect to spend hours walking? Wear comfortable shoes. Plan on visiting churches? Bring something to cover bare skin. Spending a day at the beach? Don’t forget your swimsuit!

Wear the right footwear to suit the activity. Awesome Cruise Ship Excursion
Wear the right footwear to suit the activity.

2. Bring essentials

To have an enjoyable day out, you need to be well equipped. A small rucksack with a bottle of water, sunglasses, sun tan cream and insect repellent will save the day on an exotic shore excursion. While a bigger bag with gloves, hat, scarf and extra layers could seriously come in handy on a winter cruise.

A hat, sunglasses and sun tan lotion are a must in hot, sunny climates.
A hat, sunglasses and sun tan lotion are a must in hot, sunny climates.

3. Read the small print

Whether you’ve booked your excursion with the cruise line or an independent company, read all the details of your day out so you know what’s included and what isn’t. This way, you’ll be prepared and have enough cash to pay for lunch, instead of going hungry after you find out it wasn’t included in the package.

Read the details so you know what's included in your excursion. Awesome Cruise Ship Excursion
Read the details so you know what’s included in your excursion.

4. Leave most of your cash on the boat

Even if you’re planning on spending the entire day shopping; then don’t take every note and coin you’ve got out with you on your excursion. If you do, you could easily end up spending way over budget or even losing the lot, ruining the rest of your holiday. Estimate how much you’re going to spend and bring that amount, plus a credit or debit card, just in case.

Only take as much cash as you need. Awesome Cruise Ship Excursion
Only take as much cash as you need.

5. Keep an eye on the time

Cruise liners really don’t hang around for stragglers and if you’re not onboard by the stated sailing time, you’re going to get left behind. While forgetting what time it is in favour of sipping cocktails at the beach or exploring the hidden corners of a city is a wonderful way to spend your holiday, don’t forget to check your watch every now and again!

Don't let the time get away from you! Awesome Cruise Ship Excursion
Don’t let the time get away from you!

Hope you will find these awesome cruise ship excursion tips useful. Please leave a comment if you have any other tips to share.

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