5 Superb Colorado Vacation Centers

After tiresome and lengthy months of work, the summer comes as a savior to most people. Most people can barely concentrate on work in the last weeks before summer as they are always busy fantasizing about the summer holiday and where they will spend the holiday.  Everybody deserves to enjoy and spend the summer in a beautiful and comfy place. Finding a perfect place is at times challenging, this gets worse when a person is a lover of marijuana. It is because not all hotels allow visitors who smoke marijuana. Moreover, most hotels do not have special rooms for people who smoke marijuana and thus excludes visitors who smoke marijuana. Other hotels which allow visitors who smoke marijuana will only allow the visitors to smoke in their rooms and therefore to limit the visitor’s comfort. However, this is not the case for Colorado vacation centers.

Individuals who smoke weed can still enjoy their holidays or try out new places at these vacation centers. Vacations in Colorado are meant for everyone regardless of whether they smoke marijuana or not. There are several hotels, resorts, inns, and lodges explicitly intended for people who smoke weed as they have smoking zones in the fields and others have smoking rooms as a way of making the users of marijuana and cigarettes comfortable.

Below are some of the vacation centers in Colorado meant for users of Marijuana.

Top 5 Colorado Vacation Centers

1. Adagio bed and breakfast

Colorado Vacation Centers, Adagio bed and breakfast
Adagio bed and breakfast

This is a restaurant located in Denver that takes in visitors even those who smoke weed. Visitors are only allowed to smoke outside. Visitors enjoy the 420 treats on a daily basis.

2. Arrowhead Manor

Arrowhead Manor, Colorado
Arrowhead Manor, Colorado: Photo on Flickr by Alex Butterfield / CC BY 2.0

This is an accommodation center located at the top of the Morrison hills in Colorado. The prices are affordable, and visitors are free to smoke in their rooms as well as in the open fields. The bed and breakfast accommodation center also have two bathtubs in the same room. The Arrowhead Manor forms a 420 friendly vacation to its visitor and thus making the holiday more exciting and fun.

3. The Holiday Chalet

The Holiday Chalet. Colorado Vacation Centers
The Holiday Chalet

This is another accommodation center which offers bed and breakfast to the visitors. The rooms are enormous and also contain kitchenettes with all necessary cooking utensils. At the Chalet, visitors can only smoke in the patio outside in the fields.

4. Capitol Hill Mansion

Colorado Vacation Centers. Capitol Hill Mansion
Capitol Hill Mansion

This is among the oldest Colorado vacation centers. The motel which is located in the capital neighborhood just adjacent to Denver not only serves as an accommodation center, but also as a historic site due to its age. Visitors at the Capitol Hill Mansion are only allowed to smoke outside in the fields.

5. Lumber Baron gardens

Lumber Baron gardens. Colorado Vacation Centers
Lumber Baron gardens

This is a hotel made up of conference halls, inns, and a garden and thus most appropriate for events with a large number of guests. The room is equipped with a TV set and free internet connections. Moreover, the rooms vary in sizes according to the visitor’s preference. The prices also vary according to the size of the room and appliances in it. For instance rooms with a kitchenette, a bathroom that has a shower and a bathtub, waiting room, free internet connection and a TV set are the most expensive. At the Lumber Baron, visitors can only smoke marijuana in the gardens. Any visitor found smoking in the hotel room is thrown out without any refunds.

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