5 Steps to Planning a Perfect Wedding in Australia

Organising a wedding is always stressful, especially if you plan on holding the celebrations in a distant locale. Even so, the perfect destination can make for the most unique and memorable wedding, and what could be better than a wedding in Australia?

There are several romantic vistas that lure couples to get married in a wedding destination like Australia. These include beautiful and sunny beaches, iconic city skylines, tropical weather, ancient castles and much more.

Tying the knot in such a paradise is every couple’s dream. But before that, you have to plan for the event. Here’s a step-by-step wedding planning guide to help ensure your wedding in Australia goes without a hitch.

Choose a location

Sydney harbor; wedding in Australia
Sydney Harbour and Opera House: Photo © Dan Freeman on Unsplash

Start by short-listing cities that appeal to you and scout around for wedding venues in Australia. You can choose a meaningful location (perhaps where you first met), or somewhere convenient for you and your guests, or according to your budget. To ensure you get the perfect venue, use the wedding venue filter to search for things like capacity, catering options and parking.

The next logical step is to check when the venue can host your wedding and see if it matches your preferred date. The rich culture and extraordinary beauty of Australia make it a hot spot for destination weddings, so book your wedding venue as early as possible.

Visit in advance

There’s only so much you can do online. If it’s possible, it would be a great idea to plan at least one trip to your wedding destination in advance. This gives you the opportunity to check out potential accommodation and wedding vendors. You can also ensure the ceremony and reception venues are as lovely in person as they are in pictures. Use this trip to scope out your guests’ travel path. For instance, take note of the preferred modes of transport to and within the city.

Get the timing right

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There are several things to consider when picking a date for your wedding. For starters, check out local weather and pick a date that will have your preferred weather. The climate will determine everyone’s dress code. Most weddings occur in the summer or early fall months, which will require you to plan as far in advance as possible to get the best venues.

Although cooler climates are low-season, they come with certain uncertainties such as rain. The date you pick has to work for your guests as well. Remember to inform them 6 to 12 months before the big day to give them ample time for planning.

Sort out the legalities

The next step is to research marriage legalities thoroughly and gather the necessary documents required to make your Australian marriage official. Couples from other countries may have to fulfill certain requirements for their Australian marriage to be recognised at home.

Every country has different requirements, which makes getting married abroad a bit complex. Most couples choose to have a civil wedding at home and simply hold the ceremony in Australia.

Consult with the experts to help you plan

Planning a wedding via email or Skype, thousands of miles away and possibly with a language barrier is a disaster waiting to happen. Working with a team of people who know your destination inside out will help things run more smoothly.

While it may seem like an additional cost, hiring a local wedding planner like Brides Central can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Wedding planners in Australia work with many of the same wedding vendors and can leverage those relationships to get you great discounts. Generally, they have everything you need to plan a wedding and ensure nothing but perfection on your big day.

Following this wedding planning advice will make all the difference in ensuring a perfect wedding in Australia. Take time to go over the final details and piece everything together. Once that is done, you can relax and wait for your big day.

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