5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations to Relax

This is it: the one chance for a perfect start, indulgent holiday, the most unforgettable and an ideal start at these romantic honeymoon destinations. It’s your honeymoon. Your big question is: where?

It’s true, you need romance – but everyone talks about champagne breakfasts and sunset cruises every time. Why don’t you be different, an individual who can’t leap on a bed with rose petals scattered everywhere?

So, how do you have a perfect honeymoon? Whether you are in love with a cottage, secret bolthole, a private tropical island all by yourselves or Europe’s enchanting cities, here is our all-time and favorite romantic honeymoon destinations in the world. You can find your perfect accommodation on Opodo, with affordable, romantic, and dreamy hotels:

There are various exciting facts you probably don’t know about Seychelles. You need to know before landing to your honeymoon.


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In Africa, Seychelles is a country located off the East African coast in the Indian Ocean. The republic consists of 115 islands, and some are coral or granite.

If you visit the Republic of Seychelles, you enjoy its pleasant climate all year round. Despite using Seychelles Rupee, you can bring any foreign currency in the country.

In the country, you can enjoy duty-free items including a video camera, 200 ml of perfume, 2 liters of wine and other knick-knacks. The commodities must not exceed SCR 3,000. However, for your honeymoon, avoid consuming alcohol in public, you might end up in jail.

The Maldives

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The Maldives

Are you planning to spend your honeymoon in the Maldives? Do you have a place to stay or means of travels? With Opodo, you can take care of all your worries and have a chance to spend your honeymoon in this beautiful place.

It has beaches, and most are untouched by human feet. You can enjoy sleeping on its soft, white sands while taking a dip in the colored waters with your partner.

Without the hustle-bustle, you can not only enjoy nature’s flawless beauty but undisturbed romantic honeymoon. There are various things you can do while at the Maldives; whether it’s a couple’s mahssage or exciting water-sport at an exotic spa.


romantic honeymoon destinations,,Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Planning a wedding is not that fun more than preparing a honeymoon. If you need unique romantic honeymoon destinations, look no further. Plan a Thailand honeymoon! In a lifetime with a person you love, you only have one honeymoon, so it needs to be epic.

In the country, you can head to the best beaches or relax in its Thai jungle.


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You might need an island you can escape after your wedding stress. It must be a perfect honeymoon. French Polynesia will give you ultimate relaxation. If you have two or more weeks for luxurious tropical living, pack and visit Polynesia.

Mauritius Island

Rightly, Mauritius Island is a paradise island to have your honeymoon. The beautiful island side unveils with white sands on its beaches. It’s an unbelievably romantic place to be for newlyweds. Besides its tropical beauty, you can enjoy experiencing trendy bars, clubs, restaurants, and world famous water sports.

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