5 Reasons to Go to New Zealand Next

There are plenty of places around the world where you’ll find great beaches, alpine scenery and vibrant, cosmopolitan cities. But can you find them in one place? If you’re planning your next holiday, here are five reasons to go to New Zealand next.

It has a bit of everything

New Zealand seascape

Often when we plan a vacation we’re forced to choose. Do we want to flop on a beach? Hike mountain trails? Immerse ourselves in the heady buzz of the city? Book a vacation to New Zealand and it offers all of those things. It’s the world in one country. And the good news is that it’s such a compact country that it’s absolutely doable to fit them into a two week window, though you’ll be tempted to wring a few extra days out of your employer once you realise how much there is to see and do.

The people are warm and welcoming

Maori Haka ceremonial dance in New Zealand
Maori Haka ceremonial greeting

Though landscapes first bring a place to our attention, it’s the people that keep it in our hearts when we head home. New Zealanders are a friendly bunch, keen to ensure that visitors appreciate and love their country as much as they themselves do. There’s truly nothing like a Maori welcome anywhere on the planet. Whether it’s a local guide, a bed and breakfast owner or even the bus drivers, you’ll find they go the extra mile to make your trip special.

It offers value for money

Wellington Botanic Gardens, New Zealand
Wellington Botanic Gardens

It’s possible to travel like royalty in New Zealand, but for those of us with more average budgets, your dollar goes a long way. There’s a wide range of accommodation options that cater for all budgets. Book transport in advance and you can get around for next to nothing. And while you’ll pay to ascend Auckland’s Sky Tower, there’s a ton of stuff that’s free. Wellington, for instance, has a number of unmissable attractions that won’t cost a thing. And of course all that beautiful scenery is thrown in for nothing.

It’s a year-round destination

Mountain rocks with heart drawn in snow

Unlike some places, it’s possible to have a really great vacation in New Zealand any time of the year. Summer’s drawing to a close and that brings the promise of bountiful harvests and displays of fall colour. If you’re a forward planner, don’t rule out a winter trip. The Southern Alps offer excellent skiing, while further north it’s still mild enough to hike or explore the country’s cities. Pack carefully – you’re still likely to need a waterproof jacket – but enjoy the sights while the crowds thin.

Make it part of a bigger trip

Cook Islands beach in the South Pacific
South Pacific Beach

You could be forgiven for wondering how a place so remote that IKEA left it off its maps could be a candidate for a combo trip. But in fact, there are a number of temptingly convenient destinations just begging to form part of a longer trip. Australia is of course the obvious one, but New Zealand also has good flight connections to the South Pacific, opening up a whole bunch of exotic islands that would make you the envy of your friends.

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