5 Reasons to Cruise the Mediterranean This Summer

With so many amazing countries to explore, a cruise really is the best way to travel around the Mediterranean. With cruising, there’s no packing and unpacking, hopping between different modes of transport and dragging your luggage around the streets looking for your accommodation. Simply unpack once and relax as your floating hotel takes you to the best places! If you haven’t got your summer holiday plans sorted yet, put a Mediterranean cruise at the top of your list. This magical destination is at its best between June and September. Here are 5 reasons to convince you to cruise the Mediterranean asap.

Cruise the Mediterranean, Summer,grand canal venice italy,sunset,gondola
Summer is the best time to travel in the Mediterranean

Why you should cruise the Mediterranean this summer

Gorgeous weather

Cruise the Mediterranean. Expect plenty of glorious sunshine when you cruise the Mediterranean in summer
Expect plenty of glorious sunshine when you cruise the Mediterranean in summer

Weather in the Mediterranean can be a bit hit-or-miss for most of the year. But in the summer you’re practically guaranteed clear blue skies, dazzling sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures for most of your trip. Everything looks better when the sun is shining and if you’re only going to see a place once, you want it to look its best!

Culture explosion

Cruise the Mediterranean,leaning tower of piza, historical sites,Piazza dei Miracoli,italy
The Mediterranean is filled with incredible historical sites

The superb weather makes summer a great time to get out and immerse yourself in the local culture. Whether you’re into history, architecture, food or art, the Mediterranean is brimming with a wealth of cultural experiences everywhere you look.

Beautiful beaches

Cruise the Mediterranean, Barcelona, beaches
Barcelona’s beaches are beautiful and really close to the port

When you think of the best beach destinations, you probably think of the Caribbean. But the Mediterranean has some seriously incredible beaches, too. Barcelona in Spain, Mykonos in Greece and Monaco in Monte Carlo all have picture-perfect golden sandy beaches and appear on a lot of Mediterranean cruise itineraries. Better yet, most beaches are just a short walk or taxi ride away from the cruise port. So you can head off on your own and soak up some rays without worrying about getting lost or returning late to the ship.

Delicious food

Cruise the Mediterranean. Summer,Italian gelato
Summer is the best time to try Italian gelato!

The food on cruise ships is reliably excellent. But when cruising the Mediterranean in summer, don’t gorge too much onboard or you’ll miss out on all the incredible eats on shore! Imagine indulging in homemade gelato in Rome; freshly-caught fish in Cadiz and sweet; crisp rosés in Nice while the sun shines down on you.

Prime locations

Cruise the Mediterranean, Santorini, Greece
The ports are really well located in the Mediterranean

Taking public transport during summer can be a nightmare. High temperatures combined with masses of people can make trains, buses and metros more like saunas than ways to get from A to B. But thanks to the Mediterranean’s prime port locations, you can get right into the heart of the city without hours-long journeys. Most ports, such as Barcelona, Naples and Santorini are literally just steps away from the city centres. So you can easily cruise the Mediterranean and get there on foot.

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