5 Reasons to Choose a Safari Holiday in Kenya

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A safari holiday in Kenya might just be the break you are looking for from the stress of modern life. The unpolluted air and breathtaking sunsets will not only give a breather to your lungs; they will also mesmerize your very soul. For many, it’s a lifetime dream to go on an authentic safari and see exotic and endangered species up close. Here we give you five reasons to pick a Kenya safari as your next holiday destination.

1. A chance to spot the Big Five

Kenya is not just blessed with the most exciting assortment of wildlife in Africa. It also boasts spectacular landscapes and many other unforgettable experiences. Should your wanderlust compel you towards the iconic home of the Big Five, thrilling adventures and untamed places, be sure to add the quintessential experience of visiting safari parks and reserves in Kenya.

The Maasai Mara National Preserve in Kenya is spread over 703 square meters (1,821 km). It’s named after the Maasai people who inhabit those great plains. The park is a natural home to the big five wildlife species including African lions, African elephants, black rhinos, buffalos and hippos. You can get a chance to observe them roaming freely or resting in Mother Nature’s soothing lull. It is one thing to see animals in cages and stand boldly in front of them; it’s another entirely to be the one in a cage (your safe vehicle) in the midst of their territory.

2. Mount Kenya

Some cannot imagine more to Kenya than desert parks and reserves for the wild animals. They may be surprised to find out there are also snowcapped mountains harboring more exotic animals among the lush landscapes. Mount Kenya, a UNESCO World heritage site, is the biggest range right after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. You can appreciate them both from a distance in Nairobi.

Up close, Mount Kenya Park is home to an abundance of animals. These include elephants, black fronted duiker, tree hyrax, white tailed mongoose, mole rat, bushbucks, water buck and elands. This destination provides not only the safari experience. You will also find refreshing activities such as hiking, trekking and feeling the thrill of tracking animals. 

Man feeding a Giraffe by hand in Kenya

3. Wonderful lodgings – Sleep beneath the stars and breakfast with giraffes

If you would like to up your safari experience and make it even more memorable, Kenya offers many beautiful resorts, huts and cozy lodgings for tourists. One of the experiences you can gain is sleeping inside an open hut under the stars in the cool breeze of night. From the safety of your own hut you can observe the wildlife roaming around as well.

Another unique experience includes cozying up at Giraffe Manor Kenya. A luxurious stay for you to undo your tiredness of the day and wake up to breakfast with long-necked beauties. The giraffes will gladly keep you company and might even let you feed them!

4. Flamingo on the go

Aside from the wildebeest, Kenya has also the gem of birdwatching. Among the 1,000 registered birds, it is the large flock of candyfloss pink, stick-legged birds that stand out most. Flamingos are the most famous birds of Lake Nakaru. They attract many tourists ready with their lenses to capture the surreal beauty of flamingos united in a massive crowd. It is an absolute treat to watch these birds. However, many have shifted to Lake Bogoria (a spread of 32 square kilometers) due to industrialization and a rise in the water levels of their original Lake Nakaru habitat.

Other than the flamingos, celebrated birds include gold colored sunbirds, marvelous starlings and African fish eagles.

5. Game viewing drives

The best way to get around in a vast reserve like Maasai Mara is through a game drive. Game drives are quest-like adventures to observe the safari wildlife out in the open. You’ll see them more closely than you normally could on foot. Groups of 4 to 10 people ride out in 4×4 Land Rovers to experience authentic safari adventures. They go to well-known and popular stakeouts of powerful animals such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants and rhinos.

In a nutshell, a safari holiday in Kenya will give you memories that will be forever etched on your heart.

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