5 Picturesque European Beaches For Hen Weekends

Are you looking for picture perfect hen do destinations from Hen Weekends? Being the maid-of-honour filled up your plate, hasn’t it? No matter what, you do have to search and book the hen weekend destinations that your bestie will adore. You have to make sure that she has an unforgettable single life send off. If beaches and pictures are your lady love’s passion, then gift her a hen weekend on the most picturesque European beaches. Forget the French Riviera because she might have already been there. Book the ones which are still somewhat hidden from the tourists!

Read on to know which ones need to be right at the top of your list.

Praia da Mesquita, Algarve, Portugal. Picturesque European Beaches
Praia da Mesquita, Algarve, Portugal. Flickr: Cycling Man / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Top 5 Picturesque European Beaches for the ideal Summer Hen Weekend

Capo Testa, Sardinia

Picturesque European Beaches,capo tests,stones

Breathtaking views and explicit hiking terrain sum up the experience that Capo Testa in Sardinia offers. It has a low shoreline, clear weather and transparent water. What else do you want? The infamous cliffs of Bocche di Bonifacio are clearly visible from this beach. It has served as a primary site of an ancient colony of Tibula; making it the perfect place for past cultural learning, appreciation and observation. It is located a few kilometres west of Santa Teresa Di Gallura.

Dhermi, Albania

Picturesque European Beaches,dhermi

The gorgeous Albanian Riviera cannot be described with words. It’s a captivating beauty, and the colourful population of this small place deserves utmost appreciation. The most attractive aspect of this Dhermi is that it is still unexplored. You can find the peace that you are looking for on this beautiful beach; creating memories of a lifetime. It is lapped by the Mediterranean and neighbours Corfu, Paxos and Puglia islands.

Caneiros, Algarve, Spain

Caneiros Beach,Ferragudo, Algarve
Caneiros Beach, Ferragudo, Algarve: Photo on Flickr by Luc. T / CC BY 2.0

This hidden gem of Spain is perfect for an adventure-filled hen weekend. While the high cliffs hide the beautiful masterpiece, the beach offers all action-filled activities. This less crowded beach allows you to take long walks with your babes during sunset and wave away the worries of each other’s lives.  Y’all will get lost in the beauty of the blue horizon; apt before a stress-filled wedding day. It is located right in the middle of the sandy southern coast of Portugal.

Stiniva, Croatia

Stiniva bay, Croatia, Picturesque European Beaches
Stiniva Bay, Croatia: Photo on Flickr by D Smith / CC BY-NC 2.0

Its inaccessibility is its primary appeal. It is a perfectly formed cove of white pebbles with towering cliffs surrounding the calm sea. The view is impeccable, and it will surely blow the minds of your gals. You will not be able to decide what to click and what to leave. Yes, it is an incomparable, soothing beauty. It is located on the Croatian island of Vis, beyond Brac and Hvar.

Ischia, Italy

It is a volcanic island, one of the largest islands of the Bay of Naples as well as a home of thermal spas, manicured gardens and the famous Aragonese Castle. It is a well developed, yet considered an underdog in the list of picturesque European beaches. You all will be speechless when y’all visit this tranquil haven. It is located just off the coast of Napoli, in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Ischia, Italy, Picturesque European Beaches
Ischia, Italy: Photo on Flickr by Hotel Internazionale Ischia / CC BY-SA 2.0

If you want a soothing experience on the hen weekend, then visiting an European beach destination like above will be a boon for you. Unlike the popular beaches, the ones mentioned above are yet to be explored properly. This is what makes them the right place to spend a relaxing weekend and push away the unnecessary wedding and life stress.

There is no better place for a hen weekend than Europe because apart from the pretty attractions mentioned above, there are many places which offer more. From notorious experiences to adventure-filled activities and beautiful attractions; the place has it all. You just need to plan it right!

Picturesque European Beaches

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