5 Essential Tips for Newbie Hikers To Keep In Mind

Taking a break is easy since there is literally a whole world to experience and explore. One way to break free from your busy world of work or academe’s draining essay writing sorts is through hiking. Hiking gives you the wonderful view of the world below and upon reaching the summit, a breathtaking sight of the plains will relieve you from the stress of the daily grind. However, you might wonder: Is hiking for everyone? The thing is no one can ever be well-versed on how to’s of hiking the first time. No one goes professional the first time they try. However, as newbie hikers, what you could at least do is hear from those who are already experienced.

That being said, here are some tips that can guide your way through a successful first hike.

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5 Essential Tips for Newbie Hikers

1. Calm yourself

As a first timer, it is easy to drown yourself in overthinking. The excitement is undeniably there, but you probably have negative thoughts alongside. You got a heap of uncertainties and a bundle of what if’s

  • What if I fall?
  • What if I trip?
  • What if I run out of oxygen?
  • What if I get left behind?

You are scared since you do not know what to expect. You’ve imagined landslides, snakes and swamps and the like. But here’s the thing: There is only a little chance to encounter such.

Hiking simply means “walking a long distance, especially across the country or in the woods.” It is even popularly said that “If you can walk, you can hike.”

With that, stay calm and refrain from overthinking.

2. Start early

Most often, it is ideal to start early and this is no different from hiking. The length of your escapade will not only depend on your striding. It is always recommended to newbie hikers to give yourself an allowance just in case unexpected circumstances happen. In addition, the earlier you start, the lesser the crowd there will be.

3. Drink water (lots of ‘em)

Since you’re a first timer, your hiking will surely stretch your muscle strength and endurance. Certainly, you’ll be exerting a lot of physical effort and too much sweating. And so, being hydrated will get you going.

Hydration will relieve your body from fatigue, heat exhaustion and major headaches. Drink water when you are catching a breath.

Additionally, upon crossing a water source, drink huge and fill up your bottle.

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4. Pack light yet smart.

Travelling light is always a big deal since you’ll be carrying the whole backpack with you everywhere. However, your light pack may also mean that you are only to carry a few resources with you and would no longer have room for emergency backups.

Given that newbie hikers have zero experience, it is better to plan ahead than be sorry. Don’t take out essential stuff just so you’ll be able to walk faster. Who knows it’ll rain and you have taken out your extra shirts! I suggest to also make everything waterproof as possible.

5. Do not push yourself too far

When your body is telling you to take a rest, do so. The hike, especially for a first timer like you, would be inevitably tiring. Pushing yourself too hard would only make it difficult in the long run. Listen to your body. There is nothing wrong with taking short breaks to drink and catch some air.

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