5 Common Myths About Italian Cuisine Debunked

Aside from stunning places to visit in Italy, you probably can’t argue when I say that Italian can also take pride in their cuisines. Their food are loved around the world that it has become a huge part of our food habits. Numerous eateries feature this type of food across the globe. As a matter of fact, it is easy to find the best Italian food in Singapore or a must-try Italian restaurant in Manila. However, despite being popular, there are a few notions commonly associated with Italian cuisine that are far from the truth. It’s about time to debunk these myths about Italian cuisine that are commonly known, but barely true.

5 Myths About Italian Cuisine Debunked

Italian Cuisine is Boring

Asian countries love spices and when used in their preparations, these spices are a bunch of flavors. However, Italian cuisine believes in bringing out the most authentic and original taste of the ingredients used in a recipe. Like for instance, if tomatoes are used in a dish, it is important to retain the flavor of tomato while making an Italian preparation. The food, which many consider being boring, in fact, attempts to tingle the taste buds. The person consuming an Italian dish is supposed to clearly identify the variety of ingredients that made up the specific dish. Traveling for such taste is never a waste.

The Dishes are Rich and Creamy

Every accomplished chef will invariably state that cream is an ingredient by underprepared chefs to hide any preparation errors. Unlike common belief, a cream is a rare ingredient that is hardly ever used while preparing Italian food. The sauce that people know as the white sauce is, in fact, cheese sauce made out of cheese and milk (and not very often eaten in Italy). This also validates the fact that the authentic Italian cooking is not unhealthy at all.

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Penne pasta with spinach and cedar nuts in a plate on a napkin, garlic, fork on a wooden plank background

Italian Food is Equal to Pasta and Pizza

The cuisine is famous around the world for its pasta and pizzas, but it has a lot more to offer. Italian food comprises of many other mouth-watering dishes like gnocchi (potato-made pasta), Brasato (a wine-based stew), Fritti (finger food that is fried), Risotto, etc. Even the types of pasta, pizzas, and risottos vary from region to region. Italian cuisine has different variants of their dishes, that signify the region they represent.

pizza,slices,tomato,garlic,beer,Spitony's Pizza, Warrenton, United States
Spitony’s Pizza, Warrenton, United States

They often undercook the pasta

People who are not that familiar with al dente often complain that the prepared food al dente style is undercooked. However, this form of Italian cooking needs the pasta to be firm to the bite and the slightly crunchy texture to al dente dishes makes it easy to digest, making it a healthier option.

You should wash pasta well

It is an Asian custom to wash fruits, vegetables, and grains before cooking them. But it is important to bear in mind that Italian cooking is a lot different. You should never wash the pasta before keeping it to boil, as they will otherwise lose all their starch and the healthy nutrients. While picking a packet of pasta, it is imperative to select a good brand which would not require rinsing.

myths about italian cuisine,tagliatelle pasta,tomato,chili
Tagliatelle Pasta

With all these myths about Italian cuisine debunked, don’t you find yourself loving Italian cuisine even more?

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