5 Jobs that Support your Wanderlust and Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Have you ever considered how limiting feels to have your job forced to be located in a town, in the workplace – essentially holding you in one place. If you are a person that enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures or just changing your settings at your leisure, then a digital nomad lifestyle may be the way for you.

Some might still be unfamiliar with the term, even though it kind of spiked in popularity recently with the widespread access to wireless internet and cheap laptop technology. A digital nomad is a person that takes full advantage of such commodities and creates a way of life in which they can monetize their efforts online while travelling simultaneously.

People relate the jobs nomads do as tech-related mainly, but with the rise of the internet, a lot of professions can look forward to seeing the world while working on their career. Below we will list 5 jobs that can support your wanderlust and digital nomad lifestyle; and make you potentially see the world.

5 Jobs that Support your Wanderlust and Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Language Professor

If English comes second nature to you and you feel like you have the presentation skills necessary to interest someone in learning the English language; you should probably give it a go at tutoring people online. A lot of markets that are currently connecting have a constant need for English teachers, so the need for said work is overflowing.

The best way to enter this industry is to certify yourself as an English teacher of some degree by getting a certificate like TEFL or equivalent if you do not have a degree in Philology. Having a certified paper behind you increases your legitimacy; and also allows you to have a way to earn offline as well as online.

Traveling Language Professor, 5 Jobs that Support your Wanderlust and Digital Nomad Lifestyle

A lot of schools are looking for part-time professors to assist with the classes. Online interaction is done via messaging tools like Skype or Facebook. Patience and developed people skills are keys to success, put a smile on and enjoy the ride.

Freelance translation

Google translate is a decent tool but still far away from approaching the nuance of translating complicated texts. Sites like Upwork offer a platform where you can get some clients requiring such services. Knowing a certain kind of jargon is very helpful. For instance, if you are someone with some sort of a medical degree or certificate; you can qualify for translating documents required for using medical equipment.

If you are multilingual with 3 or more languages, you have a great core for some translation work. The more you know – the more you can earn. Traveling along with doing this line of work is a kind of a symbiotic relationship. You will passively learn more languages while traveling, it’s a win-win.

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Online marketer

Specializing in marketing strategies like SEO or PPC is a popular way to get involved in online marketing. If you are someone who follows trends and products; more importantly, you know what makes them so attractive to people, then this is the job for you.

The downside is that marketers usually work by getting paid per campaign or piece, not the wage. This requires you to always be on your feet, ready to get creative in the fast-paced environment. People doing really well can grow the relationship with their client to a permanent one; thus transforming this job into one with the stable earnings.

ecommerce, selling online
Selling Online

Web designer

Digital art has drained a lot of inspiration for a lot of its creators. Fresh perspectives are necessary to keep the brain running in search for new things to create. Many successful web design companies like GWM state how important it is for their web designers to have fresh ideas and constant inflow of creativity.

Freelance Web Designer,5 Jobs that Support your Wanderlust and Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Traveling offers new perspectives similar to ones one can get via teambuilding or similar activities. Designers are known for their style and personal philosophy when approaching their craft. Exposing yourself to such influences; and having a digital nomad lifestyle is beneficial in more ways than one for your professional development.


A lot of professional photographers already do have to travel a lot for said purpose; but many still exist that do not consider such a lifestyle. In the digital age, it has never been easier to monetize an artistic photo online. Services for selling images on stock photography websites are numerous; along with the possibility of opening your own store if you can get the traffic going.

Freelance Photographer,5 Jobs that Support your Wanderlust and Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Another way to earn some income is to offer your services to passing hotels and restaurants. If you see a terrible marketing photo for a business, call it out and offer something better to the owner.

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