5 Japanese Theme Parks You Must Visit in 2019

If you are planning to visit Japan, you should put these Japanese theme parks on your bucket list—you won’t regret it. You may have heard about Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan, which is located in Osaka. These theme parks are basically “the representation of Paradise” in Japan. (Perhaps a bit dramatic, but who doesn’t like theme parks?) Check out these 5 hottest theme parks in Japan.

Tokyo Disneyland
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1. Universal Studios Japan

Located in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has since 2001 become one of the top signature attractions in Japan. There are nine sections, including Minion Park, Jurassic Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and more. Meanwhile, in 2015 USJ introduced a temporary exclusive event called “Universal Cool Japan.” It features the most famous Japanese anime, with special attractions for every animation. You can dive into the world of anime and have fun!

Universal Studios Japan, Japanese theme parks
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  • Location: Universal Studios Japan, 2-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana Ward, Osaka, Japan
  • Operation Hours: Opens between 8:30am – 9:30am and closes between 7pm – 9pm. You might check the operation schedule before your visit.

2. Tokyo Disneyland

A list of amusement parks without the Magic Kingdom is like an incomplete artwork. Give yourself a chance to feel like a kid once again. Tokyo Disneyland opened in April 1983 and was the one and only Disneyland in Asia until 2005. With seven different themed lands, you might have the most exciting magical adventure experience here. Take a picture with all your childhood’s favourite Disney characters.

Theme Parks
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  • Location: Tokyo Disneyland, Urayasu, Chiba, Japan
  • Operation Hours: 8am – 10pm

3. Moominvalley Park

This park is a dream come true for all Moomin Fans! You can find all the iconic attractions such as Moominhouse, lighthouse and the theatre inside the theme park. There are also a Moomins-themed restaurant, gift shop and more. Furthermore, If you have ever imagined hanging out with Moomins or finding out the secret of The Hattifatteners, it’s time to plan a trip to Japan.

Moominvalley Park
Image: Credit to moominvalleypark @IG
  • Location: 431-3-58 Miyazawa, Hanno, Saitama, Japan
  • Operation Hours: 10am – 8pm

4. Adventure World

Of all Japanese theme parks, this is like a lifesaver to all parents, and it has played a vital role in the parenting world. Opened in 1978, Adventure World is a family-oriented theme park. It consists of a zoo, an aquarium and an amusement park. You can find 1400+ animals, including giant panda, polar bear, and different types of penguin here. You can also enjoy the Ocean View Ferris Wheel, rollercoaster and more at the Play Zone.

Adventure World
Image: Credit to 2828nyan3 @IG
  • Location: Katada, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama, Japan
  • Operation Hours: Hours vary. Check with the park before your visit.

5. Amanohashidate View Land

Amanohashidate is best-known for its scenic views. Opened in 2015, the family-oriented theme park has become a trend in Japan. You can see the whole scenic view from a different angle called “Mata-nozoki,” which is the action of viewing between the legs on the top of the themed park. It’s more like a park than a theme park, even though you can find the Ferris wheel, cycle-car, merry-go-round and more kid-friendly facilities there.

Amanohashidate View Land, Japanese theme parks
Image: Credit to dktesz @IG
  • Location: Kyoto-fu, Miyazu-shi, Monju, Japan
  • Operation Hours: Due to seasonal operation schedule, you might check opening hours before you visit.

It seems impossible to visit all in one trip, but perhaps this could be the reason to bring you back to Japan again and again. Don’t forget to put all these Japanese theme parks on your bucket list. If you can’t figure out which one to go first, USJ is probably the best of the best in Japan.

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