Top 5 Interesting Facts About Dubai You Should Know

Dubai is the world’s favourite destination for lifestyle and leisure. Other than the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai is also famous for its logic defying architecture, wonderful tourist attractions, decadent lifestyle, and amazing hotels. However, there are many unique and interesting Dubai facts that you may not know. So, here’s the top 5 interesting Dubai facts that’ll make you love it even more than you already have.

Bhurj Khalifa dubai. 5 Interesting Dubai facts
Bhurj Khalifa Dubai

Top 5 Interesting Dubai Facts

Dubai is the Fastest Growing City in the World

For many years, Dubai has been growing at breakneck speed, physically and financially. For many cities, it takes years to build operational subway systems. Dubai too has a subway system made up of 42 stations, and it was built in a staggering 18 months only. 20% of the cranes in the world are located in Dubai, and most of them are being actively used. This city has no plans to stop and continues expanding. In fact, Dubai has also been expanding into the sea. It is home to some of the most amazing man-made islands that will host luxury residences, hotels, and tourist attractions. Real estate is the main growth engine of Dubai.

Dubai City. 5 Interesting Dubai facts
Dubai City

Tax Free Haven

Taxes and interest are considered ‘haram’ in Islam. Therefore, the citizens of the city do not have to pay taxes. Though some expats may have to pay security fees, and companies may have to pay some corporate taxes, but they are quite low. This is one of the interesting Dubai facts that draws so many expats to settle down here. Almost 83% of the population in the city are immigrants, and they continue to grow each day. Dubai also has zero tolerance for debt. People who rack up huge credit card bills and loan amounts, are quickly deported or jailed when they are unable to pay back. Therefore, the citizens of the country have learned to pay back quickly, and live within their means.

The World’s Biggest Shopping Extravaganza is 22 Years Old

Dubai Shopping Festival has been taking place since 22 years. Though today there are many cities around the world that organize such events, Dubai has been doing this for a long time. And none of the other shopping festivals come even close to DSF, as it is popularly known. What makes it so amazing is the discounts on offer on all products, Dubai being a tax-free city, levies no tax on the products, making them cheaper. Plus, all malls and stores offer discounts as high as 70%, which you can find nowhere else in the world. And of course, there are other attractions like entertainment, street performers, food, and a high value raffle draw. It’s a festival like no other.

Dubai Shopping Festival. 5 Interesting Dubai facts
Dubai Shopping Festival

Gold Capital

Gold is considered to be auspicious in the Emirati culture. Therefore, Dubai is known for gold jewellery. Though gold is available throughout the city, the best place to shop for gold is at the Gold Souk. Here, you can get amazing jewellery at quite low prices, and you can also haggle with the shopkeepers over the prices. The Emiratis love their gold, and they love it cheap, so, if you are planning on a Dubai trip, be sure to have some money set aside to buy some of the best gold jewellery in the world. However, if you are not interested in gold jewellery, how does a gold bar sound? Yes, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi are the only cities in the world to have gold dispensing ATMs. Such is their obsession with gold.

Gold Shopping in Dubai
Gold Capital Dubai

No Crime No Time

Dubai has almost zero crime. Being an Islamic nation, U.A.E has some of the strictest laws (Sharia Law). The laws, rules, and regulations have been strictly implemented over the years, which has resulted in zero crime, despite having large immigrant population. If at all someone is found committing crimes, they are punished or are directly deported. Crimes against tourists are especially dealt with strictly. Therefore, people, including tourists follow the laws. Everyone has a good time without having to worry about crime. Another reason why crime is low because the police here drive around in Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Aston Martins. Imagine being chased down by these speed machines.

Interesting facts about Dubai
Atlantis The Palm Hotel

Dubai is so much more than DSF, and Burj Khalifa. This city is an escape into a fantasy world, where each moment is pure entertainment. There are still so many interesting Dubai facts that we haven’t touched upon like the fact that Dubai has the largest imported population of Michelin Star Chefs, who are changing the culinary scenario of the city. Another important fact is that the whole city is air-conditioned, including the bus stops on the road. There’s so much to know about this great city. However, rather than just reading about it, why not go there. Plan a trip to Dubai, and experience the magic firsthand. You are guaranteed to make memories worth a lifetime.

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