Top 5 Indian Restaurants In Saint Kitts You Must Visit

For a food lover, there is nothing more satisfying than finding great food at an affordable price. If you are looking for a great tourist destination to visit on your next vacation trip that offers great food, then look no further than St.Kitts and Nevis. It is beautiful and has everything that a tourist could dream of from beautiful beaches to lush green forests, tasty food to hospitable people. You name it and it has it. To help you find the best Indian restaurants in Saint Kitts, here is the top five you must pay a visit if you are in St.Kitts and Nevis.

Top 5 Indian Restaurants In Saint Kitts

1.Bombay Blues Restaurant

Bombay Blues Restaurant. Indian Restaurants In Saint Kitts
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Bombay Blues restaurant tops this list due to several reasons. Its quiet and serene environment, friendly staff and great service convert first time visitors into regular customers. Add to that the authentic dishes and reasonable pricing and it makes Bombay Blues restaurant one of the best places to go for Indian food on the island. For those who are staying in Marriott hotel, it is at a walking distance, which is a big bonus too.


Indian Restaurants In Saint Kitts

Another Indian restaurant that should be on your radar if you are looking for some mouth watering Indian food is Tiranga. Its proactive staff and excellent customer service are its hallmark. Combine that with tasty Indian food and wonderful vegetarian dishes, it will surely bring a smile on Indian cuisine lovers, especially vegetarians. Its comprehensive menu could make the “what to order?” question even more difficult to answer. Thankfully, there is friendly staff to help you out to make the choice much easier.

3.Tamarind Indian Cuisine

Tamarind restaurant. Indian Restaurants In Saint Kitts
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When it comes to taste, Tamarind Indian Cuisine is a clear winner. Desi Indian dishes never tasted that good anywhere in the Island. Located near the dock, tourists on cruise ships can easily pay this restaurant a visit. The customer service is inconsistent at best. If you are lucky enough to visit a restaurant when no one else is there; you will get the best service but if that is not the case, service quality will degrade. If you can overlook an average customer service, you will surely love Tamarind Indian Cuisine restaurant.

4.Twist Lounge and Global Cuisine

The first thing that you will notice is the high price on the menu of Twist Lounge and Global Cuisine. Although, the quality of food tries to make up for it but the poor service makes matters even worse. This is more apparent when you visit this restaurant during peak hours. The waiting time is painstakingly long but at least what you get is authentic and tasty Indian food because the owner of this restaurant is Indian.

5.Karma Beach Bar

If you are looking for some variety of Indian restaurants in Saint Kitts other than desi Indian cuisine, then Karma Beach Bar fits the bill perfectly. Apart from Indian cuisine, it also offers Thai and Chinese cuisines as well. Even if you are visiting this restaurant for desi Indian food, you will not be disappointed. Its excellent customer service and friendly staff along with some stunning views makes it a must visit beach bar on St Kitts Island.

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