5 Hottest Medical Tourism Destinations

Each year, medical care in the United States is becoming more and more expensive. It’s not uncommon for patients to pay nearly $50,000 for fairly routine medical procedures while facing challenges from their insurance companies. However, many people are finding a better option. Some have saved nearly 86 percent on medical costs by traveling abroad for medical care.

If you think that’s enough money to take a vacation; then you’d be right — and that’s exactly what over a million Americans do every year. Instead of racking up endless hospital bills and hidden insurance fees; many patients are choosing to travel for care that matches what they would find at home at much lower prices. With all of the money that they’ve saved; people are splurging on recovery vacations in all sorts of exotic medical tourism destinations.

Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations, doctor

Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations

Here are five awesome destinations for medical tourism right now.


Mexico has always been a hotspot for travelers from the north. With its tasty tacos, endless beaches, and sunny winters, nobody needs an excuse to visit this country. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have one and traveling for a cheap, high quality hip replacement is as good an excuse as any. Once your procedure is finished, you can relax in a beachside resort and enjoy fresh fish from the ocean, perfect for helping you heal quickly.

Mexico’s medical offerings don’t stop at routine surgery, though. Even basic dental care is part of their repertoire, as Mexico is the closest and most accessible dental destination for many Americans.

Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations: Dentist


Commonly associated with spicy food and ancient temples, Thailand is quickly making a name for itself in the healthcare industry as one of the top medical tourism destinations. With high quality hospitals in Bangkok, two international airports, and a relaxing climate, Thailand is a great choice if you’re traveling for medical care.

While you’re recovering, be sure to check out Bangkok’s legendary street food and hit up the local beaches.

As with other destinations across the Pacific, plan wisely for a long flight. Make sure that you’re sufficiently recovered before flying again and bring a comfy pillow for in flight napping.

Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations: : Thailand medical
Thailand Surgery


It’s hard to avoid a joke about outsourcing to India, but the truth is that, as with many other services, you can get medical care in India that’s just as good as anything you would find in the West and much cheaper. India is an incredibly diverse country where many people speak English, so you’ll have no trouble getting around or asking for directions.

Once your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, there’s plenty to do in India. If you like, you can stick around the city that you landed in, or you can hop on a plane for a short ride to many other destinations in India.

Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations: Surgery
Surgical Implements


Brazil is famous for beautiful beaches and beautiful people and it seems that they’ve taken that reputation to heart. Many people travel to Brazil each year for cosmetic surgery that is not only cheaper than what they might find elsewhere, but also of an unparalleled quality.

If you’re feeling up to it; you can always join in on an impromptu volleyball game on one of Brazil’s many famous beaches. On the other hand, if you’ve had enough of the ocean; you can always travel inland for a guided hike through the legendary Amazon. Wherever you go, however, be sure to stick to tourist-friendly areas. As many were quick to point out leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympics; some parts of Brazil are still unsafe for visitors. You might also do well to avoid the Olympic Village, which has, sadly, not aged well.

Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations: Brazil beach, Surf
Beach girl in Brazil


The only one of the major medical tourism destinations located in Europe; Turkey has made a name for itself with the most JCL accredited hospitals of any country in the world. JCL, or Joint Commission International, is an organization dedicated to maintaining safety and quality standards for patients in medical facilities across the world.

While you rest, you can enjoy the ancient architecture of Istanbul; a city with a history of welcoming and tolerance for visitors from far away places. With buildings stretching back to the time of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire and more modern architecture built by the Ottomans; Istanbul is still shines as a seat of power from the old world.

Medical tourism is a great way to get important medical care; save money, and — most important of all — have a great vacation while doing it. There are many other countries besides the ones listed here that are beginning to realize the power of medical tourism, so we can expect doctors to cater to the interest of patients in the future.

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