5 Hotels With Views of Taal Volcano, Tagaytay

Visiting Tagaytay in the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without being able to see and experience Taal Volcano’s breathtaking view. If you are looking for hotels with views of Taal Volcano, here are five you should check out!

Taal Volcano, Tagaytay, Philippines
Taal Volcano: Photo on Flickr by therealbrute (CC BY 2.0)

The Carmelence View

117 Villa Carmelence 2, Maharlika West

(0917) 584-3825 / (0919) 912-3758 / (63) (046) 683-80 63

[email protected]

One of the hotels with views of Taal Volcano is The Carmelence View. With its glass chandeliers, chic furnishings and serene ambiance, you will definitely fall in love with this place instantly. You’ll view the Taal through floor-to-ceiling windows. The Carmelence View’s design will make you feel like you are in a glass house. Moreover, the place offers their very own jacuzzi, known as the “Jacuzzi Cabana,” in one of their private suites.

Taal Vista Hotel

Km 60, Aguinaldo Highway

(0917) 809-1254) / (046) 413-1000

[email protected]

Another of the hotels with views of the Taal Volcano is Taal Vista Hotel. This place offers three sophisticated dining outlets. Its spa, outdoor swimming pool and gym will definitely make your stay worthwhile. It’s no wonder Taal Vista Hotel is considered one of the most luxurious and enjoyable getaways in southern Luzon. In addition, this hotel also provides numerous vantage points for volcano viewing.

Domicillo Design Hotel

Km 58 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Maharlika East

(0922) 884-1532 / (0917) 672-8182 / (046) 413-3552

[email protected]

Domicillo Design Hotel is one of the hotels with views of the Taal Volcano that has a unique design. The building’s combined natural elements include wood, shell and greenery; you will be ensured to have the perfect stay in this place. What’s more enticing is that it has built-in gardens in the rooms. This, in turn, will make you feel like you are staying in paradise rather than a boutique hotel. Moreover, most rooms in this hotel have terraces that directly face the Taal Lake!

Escala Tagaytay

Purok 102, Poblete Street, Barangay Maharlika West

(0917) 675-3806 / (02) 519-4444 / (02) 967-4444

[email protected]

With plush rooms, an infinity pool, and a superb view of the Taal Volcano, it’s easy to see why Escala Tagaytay is considered one of the best places you can stay while in Tagaytay. There are two ways to view the beautiful Taal Volcano: from the pool or through your room’s glass-fronted windows. The Escala Tagaytay is the perfect place for the perfect getaway, whether with your family, friends or significant other.

Pool at hotel with chairs and tables. Hotels with views of Taal Volcano
Tagaytay Highlands Pool Area: Photo by Bing Ramos on Wikimedia / CC BY 2.0

Tagaytay Highlands

4120 Cavite

(046) 483-0848

Known as the home of The Highlands, The Midlands, and The Greenlands; Tagaytay Highlands real estate properties is another of the hotels with views of Taal Volcano wherein you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the serene environment. In addition to this, you can enjoy leisure activities and a selection of fine restaurants. Exciting golf courses will surely make your stay enjoyable. On top of this, the place also has a picturesque view of Tagaytay’s main landmark, the Taal Volcano.

Key Takeaway

Visiting and staying in these hotels with views of Taal Volcano while you are in Tagaytay will make your stay fun and enjoyable. You’ll be able to experience the place’s serene and toxin-free environment. What are you waiting for? Enjoy Tagaytay City by ensuring to book a stay or get a place in these areas now!

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