The 5 Most Epic US Travel Destinations of 2018

The reason we love to travel is because it actually trips an ancient circuit in our brain that helped with survival. When a human being enters a new environment, creative thinking and focus both measurably increase. For the modern person, the effect is a feeling of renewed perspective and fascination with our lives. In order to maximize this effect, we simply have to maximize the level of novelty in our travel plans. Therefore, you might consider avoiding yet another all-inclusive beach resort for your next trip. Instead, head somewhere new… somewhere epic.  Here are the 5 Most Epic US Travel Destinations of 2018.

RV on the road,forest
RV on the road

The 5 Most Epic US Travel Destinations of 2018

5. Treehouse Point, Seattle

Just outside of Seattle is a getaway tucked into the lush forests of the pacific northwest. Treehouse Point is a hotel with a unique twist, the rooms are treehouses. The retreat sits on the Raging River and offers a myriad of outdoor activities to enjoy during your stay. Hiking, fishing, yoga, or just sit and relax amidst the towering pines. Treehouse point is the perfect place to hit the reset button on life. The resort even offers Tai Chi, massage, and hypnotherapy services.

treehouse point,seattle
Treehouse Point near Seattle

4. California Zephyr Train

The California Zephyr is one of the great hidden gems of American travel. Stretching a whopping 2,438 miles from Chicago to San Francisco, the train has been in operation since 1949. If maximizing novelty is the name of the game, then watching 2.5k miles pass by your window is difficult to top. The trip from Chicago, west starts with about a thousand miles of meditatively constant corn and soy fields. Once the train hits Denver, however, things change dramatically. The old Zephyr lumbers up the Colorado Rocky Mountains, winding through untamed wilderness and over the continental divide. Next it passes through the Book Cliffs of Utah, finally dropping into the California Central Valley. The California Zephyr is an excellent way to see some of the most beautiful terrain the country has to offer.

3. Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Key West, Florida is an extremely unique part of the country. It’s tough to not have a memorable trip no matter what you do down there. One stop worth noting, however, is Dry Tortugas National Park to the west. Here you’ll find the historical Civil War garrison of Fort Jefferson. Perched on its own island, this unusual encampment was home to hundreds of people over several decades. The fortress protected maritime shipping routes through the Civil War, then became a military prison. Fort Jefferson is the largest brick masonry structure in the western hemisphere, sprawling 47 acres and containing 16 million bricks.

Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas National Park,florida
Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas National Park

2. Pacific Coast Highway 1

If you love the Golden Coast, then you might as well go check out the entire thing in one fell swoop. The California State Route 1 highway starts south of L.A. and heads north along the coast for almost 700 miles. You’ll traverse Big Sur, The Redwood Forest, The Golden Gate Bridge, and much more on this epic trek up the California Coast.

Big Sur,california,usa,pacific coast highway
Big Sur

1. Colorado Rockies RV Trip

If you’re looking to maximize novelty, you simply cannot beat an RV trip through the Colorado Rockies. You can fly into Denver and pick up a rental rig from Colorado’s premier RV dealer. From here, head west into one of the most stunning expanses of wilderness this country has to offer. Less than an hour up I-70 you’ll already be inundated with beauty an endless supply of things to do. Soak in some natural hot springs, take a gold mine tour, drink some locally brewed craft beer, go out for a hike, take a zip line tour, saddle up for some horseback riding, you name it. An RV trip through the rockies is an adventure you will never forget.

Going to the Sun Road, Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains

We hope this has given you some inspiration for your next adventure. Remember, when you take a trip it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone. Stay away from the familiar experiences and try to do something new. You’ll be glad you did.

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