5 Easy Ways to Save Money on a Road Trip

Hitting the road for a great adventure can be tons of fun. You can skip the overpriced airline tickets, price per bag surcharges, and long lines at the airport. While driving is a cost-effective alternative, it can get expensive too. Here are some road trip budgeting tips to help you save big when you take your next road excursion.

road trip budgeting

5 Road Trip Budgeting Tips You Need to Know

1. Make Hotel Reservations Ahead of Time

There’s nothing worse than a “no vacancy” sign when you can’t go another mile. Booking in advance almost always gets you a good deal. Using online sites that check prices across the board offers big opportunities to save. Plus, most major hotel chains will match or beat any price you find from a competitor. When you are almost out of “gas,” a good night’s sleep can give you the strength to go another day.

2. Use A Cheap Gas App

Gas prices can vary dramatically from one place to another. You should budget your fill-ups in the cheapest areas. Before that would have been an enormous task, but with the use of a gas app, you can make sure you pay the best prices without going out of your way.

3. Pack Your Snacks

No matter the distance of your journey, you will be hungry and thirsty at some point. You can save a ton of cash by packing a cooler. A bottle of soda can cost about $2.00 at a convenience store. However, you can get a six pack of 20-ounce bottles for around $2.50 at a big box grocery store. If you drank six bottles on your journey, the cost would be $12.00 at a gas station. It’s easy to see how packing ahead can be budget friendly.

4. Bring Along Your Essentials

road trip budgeting

Pack as much as you can fit in your vehicle for your trip. Things like beach towels, sunscreen, and other necessities can cost a fortune in a tourist destination. If you even think you might use it, be sure to bring it along. Make a list and include all the things you need for a super vacation.

5. Find Vehicle Storage Before You Go

Many people travel in a motorhome to save motel costs, and they tow their car behind. You will need a place to store the RV while it’s not in use. Cheap RV storage is essential to making sure that you don’t blow the budget. Using the internet, you can find great places to park without paying a fortune. There are many sites geared toward RV storage.

There’s nothing better than the wind in your face and the sites you encounter on a road trip. However, the key to budgeting road trip -friendly journey is preparation. By following these road trip budgeting tips, you should be able to save some money to use on sightseeing.

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