5 Must-Have Dog Travel Items for a Pet Friendly Trip

Planning a trip and packing everything that you need beforehand is not easy; especially if you plan on bringing your furry family members. Whether going on a short trip to another city or going on a cross-country road trip with your pup, there are a few dog travel items that should always be on hand. Having a few things when traveling with your dog allows you to relax knowing that you will be ready for all the little emergencies that are unavoidable.

There are a few other things that need to be done before you pack everything. You must check with your dog’s veterinarian to make sure that your furry friend is healthy enough for travel and that all his vaccinations are updated. If you have to board your dog unexpectedly, most kennels will not accept dogs that haven’t had their Bordatella vaccine or no vaccines at all.

Here are a few dog travel items that you need to pack before hitting the road:

Dog Travel Items

5 Must-Have Dog Travel Items

Vaccination Records

If an emergency arises when traveling, having your dog’s records and information will give you peace of mind. You need these records when boarding your dog for the day or overnight if you need to go somewhere and you cannot bring your dog. If visiting other countries, you should also check the vaccination requirements for where you’ll be going.

Make sure to store these documents in a separate folder that is easy to find. Both a headshot and a full body photo of your pup is useful as well in case that you get separated from each other. Be sure to have your vet’s phone number, the dog’s microchip number; and an emergency vet clinic’s number at your destination.

Safety Restraints

The most important thing when traveling with your dog is pet restraints; whether you choose to restrain your dog in a secured carrier or set beat harnesses, one must keep their dog safe in case of an accident. A spare collar and leash should also be packed just to be sure as you need to keep your dog close when traveling to an unfamiliar place.

When exposed to new environments, some dogs may feel confused, disoriented, or insecure and wander off. Some countries also have laws on control and constraint for dogs. If bringing a crate, make sure to pack some dog travel items that have the scent of your home, whether it is your dog’s favorite plushies or just an old shirt.

Food and Water

It is vital to have water on hand at all times when traveling with your dog. If your dog is picky with his water, then bring a big BPA-free bottle that contains water from your home. You’ll never know when you’ll get held up on the road, especially on a hot day. Not having enough water can be dangerous. Make sure not to expose the water bottle to direct sunlight.

Food is also essential as a sudden change in diet may upset your furry friend’s stomach. But of course, there will be great road-trip worthy treats in the market. A zip bag or airtight containers makes packing dry dog food or a dehydrated meal easy! Don’t forget to pack a long-lasting chew treat for extended stops or long drives. Collapsible bowls are also an excellent item to bring.

Seat Covers and Blankets

Dog Travel Items
Traveling with dog. Yellow labrador retriever looking through window of the car in snowy nature.

If you’re taking your dog on vacation with you, the chances are you will embark on new trails and places where your dog will get a little dirty. This can be problematic as your dog may track mud and dirt all over your car. Seat covers can also help cleaning fur, mud, grass, and dirt much more manageable.

Protect your car seats with covers or blankets made especially for your car. Always carry additional towels and wipes so you can clean your furry friend with more ease.

Toys and Treats

Your dog will get bored during long drives and will be stuck in the car for an extended amount of time. Keep your dog entertained by bringing his favorite toys and treats. Not only will this help with keeping your dog behaved; it will also help your dog feel more at home and keep them occupied when traveling. Your dog’s toys and some treats may also help your dog when he gets uncomfortable or fearful when going from place to place.


A family trip won’t be complete without the family dog. It is an excellent way for your family to spend some quality time together by seeing sights; meeting people; and experiencing new environments. Before packing your bags and leaving your home, it is essential to prepare everything that your dog may need. Traveling with a pet can be easy as long as you are ready for anything that may come your way.

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