5 Coolest Affordable Tokyo-Style Souvenirs

I think we all agree that Japan is one of the best countries in Asia. No matter what you’re looking for, Japan never disappoints. All the places to shop, the sightseeing, the unforgettable food. (OK! This sounds a bit dramatic. But seriously, who doesn’t like Japan?) Here are the coolest Tokyo-style souvenirs to take home from your next trip.

Tokyo Tower at Night
Tokyo Tower Afterglow: Photo on Wikimedia Commons by Kakidai [CC BY-SA 3.0]

1. My Captain Cheese Set

Launched in 2019 April, the Captain Cheese Set has become a trending item in Tokyo(東京自由行). If we have similar tastes in burgers (cheeseburger is my all-time favourite!), then you must put this cheese set on your bucket list. It’s a box filled with cheesecakes, biscuits and a perfect combination of cheese and cheese-biscuit-wrapped chocolate.

Captain Cheese Set, Tokyo style souvenirs
Image: Credit to tokiyo.h @IG
  • Address: GRANSTA, B1/F Kitte Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
  • Price: JPY2700 for 18 pcs (Tax included)
Tokyo Tower at Night in Japan
Tokyo Tower Afterglow: Photo on Wikimedia Commons by Kakidai [CC BY-SA 3.0]

2. Roasted Marshmallow S’More

You can tell what kind of snack item it is just by seeing its name. No matter their age, people love roasted marshmallows when it comes to campfire events. Unlike the traditional Western style, this is an advanced version. In other words, it’s more like a roasted marshmallow chocolate tart. I would say it is perhaps the best souvenir for your besties, family members and loved ones.

S'Mores in a box; Tokyo style souvenirs
Image: Credit to smore_anafesta @IG
  • Address:  4/F, Terminal 2, Narita Airport (ANA FESTA)
  • Price: JPY1200 for 8 pcs (Tax included)

3. Tokyo Banana x KitKat Premium

It sounds like a dream come true when you find out there is a brand collaboration between a classic Tokyo-style souvenir and a well-known chocolate bar. Introduced in December 2018, people just can’t get enough of its strong flavour of banana milk.

Tokyo Banana x KitKat Premium snacks in a box
Image: Credit to nezumi_515 @IG
  • Address: Tokyo Banana B1 Studio (Daimaru Shop) , 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda
  • Price: JPY1350 for 15 pcs (Tax included)

4. Rose Bakery – Royal Jubilation(抹茶ショートブレッド)

As you may have heard, Japan has entered a new era, Reiwa. And to celebrate this special moment, Rose Bakery unveiled a special edition of Mocha-flavoured shortbread in early April. Take a bite and it will just melt in your mouth with a rich taste of butter and mocha.

Mocha-flavoured shortbread
Image: Credit to rosebakery_japan @IG
  • Address: 7/F, Ginza Komatsu (West), 6-9-5 Ginza Chuo-Ku, Tokyo (Rose Bakery Ginza)
  • Price: JPY1150 for 6 pcs (Tax included)

5. Rice-stuffed squid with tare sauce(元祖森名物・いかめし)

These fresh squid are filled with glutinous rice in a secret sweet-and-sour tare sauce. First introduced in 1941 at Mori Station (森駅), it has became one of the most well-known bento meals (駅弁) in Japan. You might find it weird to take home, but give it a shot. You won’t regret it.

Stuffed squid in sauce bento box; Tokyo style souvenirs
Image: Credit to chi11aki11 @IG
  • Address: 1/F, Terminal 1, Haneda Airport (BLUE SKY)
  • Price: JPY790 (Tax included)

So, perhaps now it is the best time to book your flight and go for a vacation. Don’t forget to put all these Tokyo-style souvenirs on your bucket list. In our next article, we will tell you something about Osaka, Japan(大阪自由行.

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