5 Convincing Reasons to Visit Lima

When I was planning my trip to Peru, there was no hesitation on whether to visit Lima, Peru. The Peruvian capital has plenty of sights and interesting artifacts and it is one of the best cities to eat in Latin America. Its historic town center has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988, the Miraflores area has some of the most interesting modern architecture, and the Barranco district has the perfect blend of old and new. If you are planning a trip to Peru, do not hesitate to visit Lima, Peru. Here are five convincing reasons on why you should consider adding the Peruvian capital to your itinerary.

Visit Lima Peru: Presidential Palace
Presidential Palace

Visit Lima Peru for Great Food

Over the last few years, Lima has been on the radar of foodies because of the new and exciting creations that Peruvian chefs are introducing to the world. Food fusion is the norm and the mixture of Asian, Latin American, European, and Caribbean influences, produces some very unique flavors. In addition to fusion cuisine, Lima is also famous for its ceviche. The city is known to have the best ones in the continent. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean ensures that it gets the freshest seafood on a daily basis. Sea bass is the most common fish, but try a “ceviche mixta” for a sampling of the best seafood the city has to offer.

Visit Lima Peru: A plate of ceviche mixta
Ceviche Mixta

Peruvian Hospitality

Visit Lima Peru and you will experience Peruvian hospitality first hand. They welcome visitors to their city with a smile and are more than happy to help you with suggestions on places to eat and visit. They call you their friend and certainly treat you like one. I met a traveler who told me how he befriended a taxi cab driver in Lima. The driver offered to show him around the town and they concluded the afternoon by sharing a beer together at one of the bars in trendy Barranco. The family owned restaurant I ate at my first night had the owners serving food and ended up eating with some of their guests.

Visit Lima Peru: Lima's Architecture
Lima’s Architecture

Diverse Architecture

The city of Lima is one of the most architecturally diverse cities in the world. The historic center alone is filled with beautifully restored colonial, neo-classical, and art nouveau style buildings. Plaza de Armas is its main draw, with the 16th century cathedral towering over the presidential and mayor’s palaces. Walk south towards Plaza San Martin and see some of the city’s best collection of art nouveau structures and marvel at modern creativity in the Miraflores district. The city’s main thoroughfare, avenida Arequipa, is also an architecture lover’s delight. Almost every block of the eight-kilometer avenue has different look than the next.

Affordable Prices

Lima remains to be one of South America’s most affordable cities to visit. You can easily find comfortable accommodations for less than $50 per night, spend less than $25 on a three-course meal at a decent restaurant, and for less than $1, you can pretty much get anywhere within a 15-mile radius of downtown Lima. Entrance fees to museums range anywhere from five to twenty soles ($2-$8) and there are plenty of free outdoor attractions enough to fill a couple of days sightseeing.

Visit Lima Peru: View from Miraflores Parks
MIraflores Parks

Parks in Lima Peru

In a city home to ten million people, it becomes even more important to find a quiet and peaceful place to relax. Over the past several years, the municipalities of Lima have done a wonderful job improving the conditions in many of the city’s parks. Today, visitors and locals alike can enjoy a variety of green spaces amidst the chaos of the city. Head over to Parque de la Reserva and wonder through the park’s multiple fountains and enjoy a nightly water show. The district of Miraflores has back-to-back parks with fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean. Right next to downtown Lima is the city’s culture park, Parque de la Exposicion.

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