5 Best Surfing Spots in the World

Wicked waves, miles of coastline and surfers from far and wide. Whether you’re after big breaks against rocky cliff faces or small tides, these beaches offer the perfect mix of wind, swell, direction, tides and seafloor for amazing surfing experiences. So grab your surfboard, put on your wetsuit and check out these 5 best surfing spots in the world to visit.

5 Best Surfing Spots in the World

1. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii, United States

Not for the faint of heart, Pipeline in Hawaii is aptly named for its six metre waves over a shallow base of razor blade table reefs. Many surfers dream of conquering these legendary swells, with big wave surfing competitions drawing a mix of pro surfers, spectators and photographers alike each year.

Best Surfing Spots in the World: Surfer at Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii
Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii: Photo on Flickr by Kanaka Menehune / CC BY-NC 2.0

2. Superbanks, Gold Coast Australia

Another impressive set of waves, Superbanks consists of a man-made sandbank stretching between Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay and Greenmount beaches in the Gold Coast of Australia. Known for its cylindrical turquoise waves and warm weather conditions, a perfect swell can carry surfers from Snapper Rocks all the way to Greenmount.

Best Surfing Spots in the World: Quicksilver Pro, Gold Coast
Quicksilver Pro, Gold Coast: Photo on Flickr by Michael Dawes / CC BY-NC 2.0

3. Hossegor, France

Miles and miles of beach breaks and sand bottomed barrels give Hossegor in France the title of ‘Europe’s surfing capital’. From La Gavarie to Les Estagnots, waves are round with swells bringing rippable peaks during the spring and autumn months.

Best Surfing Spots in the World: Surf at Hossegor, France
Hossegor, France: Photo on Flickr by Rémy Dugoua / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

4. Watergate Bay, Cornwall England

Filled with the same English charm as its more famous counterpart, Fistral Bay, Watergate Bay offers waves ranging from thirty centimetres to three metres. Its gentle waves and picturesque conditions are perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers, with plenty of surfing schools available for those looking to catch their next break.

Best Surfing Spots in the World: Watergate Bay, Cornwall
Watergate Bay, Cornwall: Photo Pitchup.com

5. Anchor Point, Taghazoute, Morocco

White washed buildings and the straightest swell exposure in the North Atlantic makes the Moroccan coastline a mecca for surfers across the world. Anchor Point’s outside peak offers an endless succession of speed walls and cutback hooks, while its sandy section further along gives plenty of barrels.

Best Surfing Spots in the World: Anchor Point, Taghazoute, Morocco
Anchor Point, Taghazoute, Morocco: Photo on Flickr by RStacker / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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    Looks pretty cool , if you ever thinking of visiting Morocco , theres a small surf town called Taghazout where theres some good waves.
    I can also recommend adventurekeys as a good surf camp.


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