5 Best Part-Time Jobs for the Bankrupt Traveler

Best Part Time Travel Jobs

More and more young people nowadays have prioritized their ambitions to see the world and left their parents’ dreams of 9 to 5 corporate jobs behind. This is due to a major change in intergenerational mentalities happening all around the globe. Nevertheless, while this kind of life is surely an appealing one, you will still need to work to sustain yourself through it. So looking for the best part time travel jobs is essential to avoid becoming a bankrupt traveler.

The Best Part Time Travel Jobs

Finding a job that supports your wanderlust is hard, but not impossible. With a little ambition, you will manage to get it right. Here are the five best part-time options that you can try out if you’ve got the necessary qualifications.

1.      ESL Teacher

Being an ESL teacher is the number one job fit for wanderlust-stricken backpackers. More and more educated young people nowadays resort to it nowadays because it not only allows you to travel, but it’s also a good opportunity to connect with others and form long-lasting social bonds that will live on long after you’ve left a country.

What it basically means is teaching English as a second language to people in varying age groups, from small children to full-blown adults. In fact, this is what the acronym in itself stands for. To become an ESL teacher, all you need is good knowledge of the language and a bachelor’s degree usually.

English Teacher, Class, Best Part Time Travel Jobs

Some places recommend you also get specialized TESL training before venturing out towards this profession, but most of the time this isn’t mandatory unless you are pursuing the job through a program of sorts. Thus, if you speak English rather well and think you’d manage to teach people from various corners of the world how to do it too, this is the job for you.

2.      Writer

One of the best jobs to earn you money while traveling surely has to be writing, either in the form of articles or blog posts. The beauty of this occupation is that it’s a freelance-based one, and you can choose to discuss any themes you want or find interesting. You can even write about your own experiences that you’ve had while on your journey.

There are various websites where you will find projects in this line of work, but the two main ones that most people use are Freelancer or Upwork. Depending on your financial needs and availability, you can choose from a myriad of offers posted by eager clients who are in need of creative content for their websites or publications.

3.      Instructor

If you’ve spent years and years mastering a particular skill or sport, such as surfing, dancing, skiing, playing guitar, yoga and so on, now’s the time to put it to good use. Whatever your special talent might be, you will surely find establishments willing to hire you to teach it all over the world and pay you well for it.

Depending on what your occupation is, you might be geographically limited as far as your destinations are concerned. For example, teaching surfing and scuba diving can only happen near the sea or ocean. But if your skill isn’t terrain or weather-dependent, then you can go just about anywhere. All you have to do is take your pick.


4.      Bartender

If you’re not one for waking up early and having a set bedtime, then bartending might just be the job for you. Any major city around the globe has its fair share of bars, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs, and chances are quite a few of them are looking to hire a bartender right now. You don’t need prior experience in the field, just steady hands and basic knowledge of beverages.

Your salary and work hours will vary from place to place, so it’s perfectly fine to take your time and think your options through. You and only you know what best suits your personal needs, which is why you need to be wise about your choice of employment. You want to make enough money to support yourself, while still having a couple of free days to discover the place.

5.      Au Pair

Although the name sounds formal when you first hear it, an ‘au pair’ is nothing more than a live-in babysitter. According to Business News Daily, you can move to a foreign country and a family will cover your meals and accommodation in exchange for your help. The main skill you will need is getting along well with children. Knowing a second language is also a big plus.

Not only will you care for the little one while the parents are at work; but you will also cook their food and ensure that they get all their schoolwork done on time. This will also earn you a small salary; as well as an amazing opportunity for full cultural immersion in the midst of a family who is native to the land.


When you choose a job that will support your new lifestyle, you need to consider not only your personal abilities but also your education level and availability. All the occupations on this list can be pursued either part-time or in full. However, if you want to have time to discover new places, the former is your best bet.

Alex Moore is a lifestyle and psychology blogger whose traveling plans include at least some form or work, to the chagrin of his peers. He believes that fun and work can coexist and what better way to practice both than by encountering new cultures! You’ll usually find him writing.

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