5 Best Surfing Spots in NSW

Australian surfers are spoilt for choice with beaches full of sunny skies, sapphire waters and peeling waves. New South Wales in particular is home to a number of beaches that are internationally recognised for thrilling waves and ideal surf conditions. To help choose between the array of surfing beaches NSW has to offer, the 5 best nSW surfing spots are listed here. With picturesque locations, friendly communities and unmissable waves, the following beaches will make you itch to grab your surfboard.

5 Best NSW Surfing Spots

Crescent Head

Crescent Head is a National Surfing Reserve located in Port Macquarie. Its waves cater for every ability, so there’s something to surf for everyone. The beach is also popular for Delicate Nobby, a wedge-like rock formation jutting into the Pacific Ocean that creates beach breaks off either side. This gives the beach consistently edgy waves. A nearby campground off the west side of Point Plomer Road also makes Crescent Head a convenient choice for families, travellers and locals.

5 Best NSW Surfing Spots: Crescent head surfing spot nsw
Crescent Head. Image on Flickr by Yun Huang Yong / CC by 2.0


Since the 1960’s, surfing counter culture has found a home in Angourie. This quirky beach is favoured for its panoramic views, hippie lifestyle and crashing waves. Famed championship surfer Nat Young grew up in Angourie, with his many titles a testament to its challenging surf. Its legendary point breaks have cemented Angourie’s reputation, which was formally recognised when the beach was declared a National Surfing Reserve in 2007, the second site in Australia.

5 Best NSW Surfing Spots: Spooky Beach, Angourie
Surfing Spooky Beach, Angourie: Image on Flickr by Mike van Dalen / CC by 2.0

The Pass, Byron bay

The Pass is one of the most popular Australian beaches and is located in the Byron Bay area. The beach is known for a number of water sports aside from surfing, such as snorkelling and diving. However, it’s the surf that made this beach famous, with waves that are long and hollow, breaking off Cape Byron and rolling in at an angle towards the shore. These waves are an adventure to ride, but are better suited to skilled surfers.

5 Best NSW Surfing Spots: The Pass surfers
Surfers off the Pass. Image on Flickr by Andy Hay / CC by 2.0

Lennox Head

Lennox Head is one of the most recognisable beaches in NSW due to its iconic right-hand point break and beautiful scenery. Lennox Head is distinguished for its waves, with strong breaks and built up sand making the waves uniquely long and speedy. Whilst experienced surfers are better suited to ride these waves, the beach is highly sought after all year-round. Winter wetsuits are encouraged if surfers choose to dip in the ocean during colder months.

5 Best NSW Surfing Spots: Lennox Head surfing spot NSW
Lennox Head. Image on Flickr by Madeleine Deaton / CC by 2.0

Long Reef Beach

With a coastline stretching for 1.8km and active surf running the length of the beach, Long Reef Beach is a reprieve from crowded coastal areas. The waves at this beach can reach as high as 5m, attracting skilled surfers who seek powerful waves in a secluded area. Families are also welcome, with waves around one to two metres high making the beach appropriate for beginner surfers. This beach is popular for its punchy waves, consistent beach breaks and deserted weekdays.

5 Best NSW Surfing Spots: Long reef beach
Long Reef Beach. Image on Flickr by Nigel Howe / CC by 2.0

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