The 5 best gadgets to make flying easier

Everyone loves a good holiday, but few people actually like flying. The cramped seats, the subpar dining experience and the noise from other passengers can be enough put you in a sour mood before your holiday has even started. And if you’ve got kids; you’ll know that they can barely sit still for 10 minutes, let alone a 14-hour flight. Here are my 5 best gadgets to make flying easier, that can help you survive a long-haul flight.

5 best gadgets to make flying easier

Noise-cancelling headphones

Block out any sounds that get between you and relaxation with a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. While some block out sound by creating a seal around your ears; others send out a signal that cancels out any incoming sound. The best headphones use a combination of both these techniques to ensure that you can listen to your favourite podcasts, songs or movies without being disturbed. Try to get your hands on a wireless pair. That way, you won’t get tangled up in the small airplane seats.

5 best gadgets to make flying easier, Noise-cancelling Headphones
Noise-cancelling Headphones

Gaming consoles

This one’s more for the kids, but if it keeps them entertained and quiet, then it’s less of a headache for you! A portable gaming console like the Nintendo Switch or 3DS will have higher quality games and a longer lasting battery. If you opt for a Switch, your kids can play multiplayer on the same screen so you won’t have to fork out for a second console to keep them entertained.

Noise-cancelling Headphones, gaming console
Gaming Console

Ebook reader

Reading is a great way to pass the time during a flight and a device like a Kindle is perfect if you burn through books like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re pressed for luggage space, you’ll also benefit from being able to carry the equivalent of an entire library in one small device.

Noise-cancelling Headphones, E-book Reader
E-Book Reader

Airplane headphone adaptor

If the airplane headphones aren’t your cup of tea, consider purchasing an adaptor. These allow you to plug your own headphones into the aircraft two-pronged jack; meaning you won’t need to deal with the subpar audio quality or uncomfortable earbuds. The best part is that you can pick one of these up for as little as $7; which is probably a good thing considering how easily you can forget them on the plane.

Noise-cancelling Headphones, Airplane Headphone Adapter
Airplane Headphone Adapter

An iPad or tablet

Whether it’s a tablet or a phone with a larger screen, these are the ultimate entertainment devices. Not only will you have a gorgeous high-quality screen to look; at but you’ll also be able to watch your own movies and TV shows and listen to your favourite podcasts and albums; not just whatever is available on the in-flight entertainment portal. Take advantage of Netflix’s offline viewing mode by downloading your favourite movies before you leave and be sure to turn off international roaming to avoid any nasty bill shock when you get back.

Airplane Headphone Adapter,tablet,i-phone
I-Phone or Tablet

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