5 Best Boutique Hotels In Istanbul To Stay

Best Boutique Hotels in Istanbul

The summer is here, and the whole world is going crazy over the places to visit during the holiday. Ideally, you must be tired after the winter hustles, and you probably need somewhere cool to relax and reward yourself for working hard and making great achievements over the winter. Istanbul has some of the best boutique hotels in the world. Frankly, picking out the best boutique hotels in Istanbul is not easy, but here are the five best boutique hotels in Istanbul you will not like to miss.


Hotel Ibrahim Pasha

This boutique hotel is named after the legendary Suleiman, a grand vizier who build a beautiful palace close to the historic Hippodrome, a place where people came to watch chariot races during the Byzantine time

This hotel offers the best environment for relaxing, watching a movie of a big screen LCD television, and having a drink with your wife or girlfriend.

Hotel Ibrahim Pasha comes with exciting wooden floors and amazing furnishings ideal for any romantic date. Make appoint of booking with new rooms in this area for a chance to experience the beauty of Istanbul, Turkey.

Villa Denise

As stated in the introduction, finding the best boutique hotel in Istanbul is a thorn in the flesh. Most of the hotels here offer exceptional choices that can cause havoc when trying to select the best. Villa Denise Boutique Hotel is another excellent place to visit during this summer holiday and any other subsequent visit to the city.

This place has the most colorful rooms and awesome accommodation facilities. There are rooms are spacious. At this place, you can as well feel at home by using the microwaves and the kitchens in all the rooms available.

The Empress Zoe

If you want to spend time in historic buildings, Empress Zoe Boutique Istanbul is the perfect place to visit. Here, rooms come in varied sizes and shapes depending on how much you are willing and able to pay.

With such an opportunity, you can choose the best room that will maximize your thirst for a classy summer holiday.

Kybele Boutique Hotel

If you are looking for the best place to propose your girlfriend, or you be just from a wedding and you are frantically looking for the best place for a summer honey, don’t miss this place.

Kybele boutique hotel is not only beautiful but offers amazing services and pleasant rooms with exciting decorations.


Hotel Daphnis

Unlike the other of the best boutique hotels in Istanbul mentioned above, Hotel Daphnis is considered the home of the wealthy. Many affluent people from all corners of the world prefer this place because it offers a fresh ocean breeze and quality rooms and services.

Therefore, if you want to feel the gaiety of dining with wealthy men on the same table, visit Hotel Daphnis if you have a Turkey visa.

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