5 Best Beer Hikes in Portland, Oregon

Breakside Brewery, Slabtown, Portland, Oregon. Beer hikes in Portland

With more than 70 breweries within its city limits, Portland, Oregon can rightly be regarded as one of—if not—the beer capitals in the U.S. The city is also a very outdoor-focused place, with numerous parks and green areas and easy access to amazing nature destinations. It’s therefore a perfect place for hikes and beer. In this post, we’ll feature the five best beer hikes in Portland.

We’ll focus on the city itself in this post. While there are plenty of hike and brewery combinations around the city, I think it’s good to start within Portland. There are several awesome beer hikes in Portland, just minutes from the city center. Let’s dive in!

Cathedral Park & Occidental Brewing Co.

St. Johns Bridge - Best Portland Beer Hikes

In the far northwest of Portland lies St. Johns, somewhat of a separate community, yet well within the Portland city limits. This is the location of the famous St. Johns Bridge, arguably the most beautiful of all of Portland’s bridges. Underneath the bridge, on the eastern shore of the Willamette River in St. Johns, is Cathedral Park, named after the bridge’s features.

You can go for a stroll through this small park, which is particularly nice in fall and spring. Alternatively, you can walk across the bridge toward Forest Park and explore a gorgeous woodland filled with trails (see more below). Kick back afterward with a beer or two at Occidental Brewing Co., renowned for its many German-style beers.

Mt. Tabor & Base Camp Brewing Company

Mt. Tabor Park, Portland, Oregon

One of only a handful of extinct volcanoes in a U.S. city, Mt. Tabor is one of Portland’s greatest attractions. It lies in the southeastern part of the city, a large urban park featuring hiking trails, benches, picnic areas and a natural amphitheater. From the top, you have a wonderful view of Mt. Hood to the east and downtown Portland to the west.

With its rock climbing theme, Base Camp Brewing Company seems made to be visited after a hike in or around Portland. This laidback brewery has a spacious interior as well as a fun outdoor seating area. Two local food carts serve up excellent street food to go with your brew.

Eastbank Esplanade & Hair of the Dog Brewing Company

Willamette River and Hawthorne Bridge at night, Portland, Oregon. Beer hikes in Portland

Running along the eastern shore of the Willamette River in downtown Portland, the Eastbank Esplanade offers amazing views of the Portland skyline. This is not a hike, per se, but it is arguably the best walk you can take in central Portland.

It extends from the Hawthorne Bridge northward to the Steel Bridge. This is one of the best beer hikes in Portland because it essentially passes by Hair of the Dog Brewing Company. If you like barrel-aged beers, this is arguably the best brewery to visit in Portland for you. It has one of the America’s largest collection of aged beers.

Powell Butte & Zoiglhaus Brewing

Powell Butte Nature Park and Mt. Hood - Best Beer Hikes in Portland, Oregon

Powell Butte is one of a few different extinct volcanic features with the Portland city limits (Mt. Tabor, mentioned above is another one). This is one of the largest public parks in the city, an expanse of woodland, meadows and the hilltop itself. Numerous hiking trails crisscross through this park, offering a plethora of hiking options. From the summit, you have a sensational view of Mount St. Helens to the west and Mt. Hood to the north.

A quick drive from Powell Butte, Zoiglhaus Brewing, as its name indicates, serves authentic German-style beer. Its comfortable interior and laid-back vibe makes this a popular hang-out in southeast Portland. If you like lighter beers like pilsners, weissbier and kölsch, this is one of the best beer hikes in Portland you could do.

Wildwood Trail & Breakside Brewery

Portland Skyline and Mount Hood seen from Pittock Mansion

The 30-mile Wildwood Trail snakes its way through Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country. You don’t have to hike the entire thing, though. The southern section offers the most bang for your buck, leading up to Pittock Mansion. From there, you’ll have a superb view over the entire city of Portland, Mt. Hood dominating the backdrop.

Afterward, head to nearby Breakside Brewery in Slabtown for some quality beers in a beautiful industrial setting.

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