A Handful of Activities in Dubrovnik

I’ve already dedicated a blog post to the sheer beauty of Dubrovnik, Croatia. So, in this one I’ll share some actual information. I’ll talk about several great activities to do in Dubrovnik—some absolutely free—a handful of things to do in this exquisite UNESCO World Heritage Listed city on the southern Dalmatian coast.

Let’s dive right, shall we?

5 Best Activities in Dubrovnik

Swim in the Adriatic Sea at Banje Beach

5 Best Activities in Dubrovnik: Banje Beach
View of the Old Town from Banje Beach

Banje Beach, located a short walk south of the Old Town, is arguably the most scenic of all beaches in Dubrovnik—and, believe me, that says a lot. This pebble beach is reached via a stairway and offers truly magnificent views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever visited a beach this picturesque!

Take the Cable Car up Mount Srđ

5 Best Activities in Dubrovnik: Cable Car
Dubrovnik seen from the Cable Car

Mount Srđ is a hill that overlooks the city—its strategic location made Napoleon built a fortress on top in the early 1800s. In the 20th century, a cable car was built to transport tourists to the top so that they could enjoy the breathtaking views and visit the fortress. This is an absolute highlight in Dubrovnik. The best time to do this is right before sunset.

Walk the City Walls

5 Best Activities in Dubrovnik: City Walls
View of the Old Town through the City Walls

Dubrovnik’s massive City Walls can be considered to be among the best-preserved in the world and are truly spectacular. They encircle the entire Old Town and it is possible to walk around, offering amazing views down on the historic town center and of the Adriatic Sea beyond. As it can get quite hot on top of those walls, you are advised to do this first thing in the morning.

Stroll around the Old Town

5 Best Activities in Dubrovnik: The Old Town
Strolling through the Old Town

The entire Old Town, dotted with red-roofed buildings, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its immense cultural and historical value. Stradun is the main pedestrian artery in this gorgeous town, while countless narrow alleyways create a maze that is great fun to explore. Major attractions in the Old Town are the harbor, the Dubrovnik Cathedral, the Rector’s Palace and a couple of monasteries.

Visit Lokrum Island

5 Best Activities in Dubrovnik: Lokrum Island
View of Lokrum Island from the City Walls

Lokrum Island is where locals and tourists alike go to escape the midday crowds. The boat ride from Dubrovnik’s harbour to Lokrum Island doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes. This serene and quiet island is crisscrossed by hiking trails, home to an old monastery, lined with empty rocky beaches and even home to open-air restaurants and bars. This is definitely a place that should not be skipped when visiting Dubrovnik!

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