5 Mountain Bike Roads For Beginners

Veteran mountain bikers will tell you that there is no adrenaline rush that hiking up a mountain cannot offer. Every trail is a challenge. Every mountain is an adventure. Each climb different from the other. Hooked enough to try going on a hike on a mountain bike? Before you take up your bike to the greeneries of the mountainside, you have to know which mountain bike roads to go first. Especially if you are a new rider. You just can’t go hike any trail without considering its accessibility and suitability. As a beginner, you should be looking at trying out the sport, enjoying it, and eventually getting better at it.

Biking trails that are best for beginners have a few elements you need to think of–accessibility, level of difficulty, and crowding.

Mountain Bike Roads

As a novice to the sport, it is highly recommended to try trails that are in accessible locations as the long drives to the location may wear you out. Easy access to a good beginner’s trailhead may be more inviting to starters like you.

You should greatly consider the difficulty of the trail you want to bike in. Flat and smooth pavements will no longer be present in a mountain trail, putting you out of your comfort zone. Mountain bike trails can be rocky, winding, and uphill. Prepare yourself to get dismounted a few times, but remember that it is part of the sport. These can be small obstacles that can challenge your ride and motivate you to go mountain biking more often. Just be sure that you will not risk yourself too much when biking up the countryside.

Lastly, gauge yourself whether you want to mountain bike in a crowded area or otherwise. As a beginner, you may feel a bit shy about your skills, and would be more comfortable developing your biking skill without having to dodge too many riders.

Now that we’ve gone through some of the basics, here are five mountain bike trails you might want to experience.

5 Beginners Mountain Bike Roads

Springhill Park, Arkansas

Mountain Bike Roads

For beginners who are keen at practicing without too much technicals at first are highly recommended to visit the Springhill Classic Mountain Trail in Arkansas. Its singletrack trails are clearly defined and marked, making it a good trail ride for bikers of all levels. It is more suitable for practicing pedal skills, without worrying about obstacles.

Big Laguna Trails, California

Located in San Diego, California, the Big Laguna trails are a network of single track trails that offer a variety of riding to mountain bikers.

For beginners, you can try the Red Tail Roost, which is at the Laguna Mountain Volunteer Center. When you exit from the center’s parking area, there is a fairly easy track that goes uphill before descending into a downhill stretch. The descent that offers swooping turns leads to a pine area that you can enjoy. The trail also has some log features that can test your biking skills, if you are looking for a few technical challenges.

Also, if you are up to it, you can also bike your way to the Big Laguna Lake, and end your ride with the Noble Canyon.

McDowell Mountain Preserve, Arizona

Mountain Bike Roads

If you are anywhere near Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona, your best bet to go mountain biking is the McDowell Mountain Preserve. Don’t let its name fool you because in fact, it has numerous mountain bike roads where you can practice cruising. With at least seventeen trails to try, both noob and experienced riders can enjoy its terrain.

Beginners can try the trails in the Tom Thumb’s Trailhead in the northern region of McDowell Mountain Preserve; to practice your bike handling skills and speed control as you ride on loose terrain. You can either go for the Mesquite Canyon Trail, Marcus Landslide, or Rock Knob; all of which have rolling trails with sections of loose gravel.

Eagle Scout Trail, Montana

If you’re a novice rider who wants to develop your skill in riding switchbacks; head to the Eagle Scout Trail in Helena, Montana. One of the easier trails for beginners in South Hills; it offers a singletrack area that is open and easy to ride; allowing mountain riders a non-threatening avenue to practice riding. They only have to get past a short yet steep climb in the initial part of the trail; but the rest of the trail will be a gentle ride for your mountain bike.

North Foothills, New Mexico

Once you’re used to handling your bike well, you may want to put progress in your riding skills. Pick a more adventurous trail for beginners such as the bike trail network system in North Foothills in Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Its terrain is hard packed with a few sandy areas that allow you a steady climb; albeit it has a short downhill trail on the way to the top. You can play around with your speed in the area if you want a bit of difficulty level while enjoying your ride. Keep an eye out for some rocks and cacti! If you opt to ride mountain bike roads at night, you might reward yourself with a sunset view.

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