5 lesser-known unique and beautiful places in Dubai

Dubai is closely associated with extravagant lifestyle, impossible feats, and modern architecture. Once a barren desert, this little emirate persevered strictly to create a land of unbelievable architectures and mind-blowing tourist attractions. Even though Dubai is a mega city and hyped for the tallest tower in the world, biggest shopping mall and magical gardens in deserts, the emirate holds so much more beyond these iconic attractions. Shift your focus further from the ordinary choices of extraordinary attractions and you will find that Dubai has kept some discreet gorgeous spots that remained unnoticed by Dubai tourist crowds. Check out these 5 lesser-known unique and beautiful places in Dubai, if you are looking for a Dubai trip those changes away from standard inclusions of typical tourist attractions.

Beautiful Places In Dubai, Burj Kalifa
Burj Kalifa

5 Lesser Known Unique and Beautiful Places in Dubai

1. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Dubai has a long stretch of coastline overlooking the deep blue waters of Arabian Gulf, but most of the beaches are either crowded or privatized by luxury beachside hotels. However, if you wish to experience solace on a beachside, the Al Mamzar Beach Park is your idyllic choice. Located in Deira and about 6 kilometers from Al Quiadah metro station, Al Mamzar Beach Park offers a relaxing beach shore experience with fantastic amenities and comfort. Spend a lazy day cooling off the heat in Arabian waters; lounge around at any of its four beach parks; or have fun with a pleasant barbeque lunch at picnic spots with your family and friends.

Family Activities

If you are traveling with children, the beach provides a dedicated kid’s area and kid’s pool to keep the little visitors busy.  Teenagers and grownups can also have fun at enjoying laps at swimming pools or gear up for exciting beach and water sports adventures. The beach park provides shaded seating areas, cabins, and chalets for rent, rescue services, beach sports area, restaurants and cafes, wide –green spaces and prayer rooms. You can even spend a day with your family at any of its 14 air-conditioned chalets.

Things to know before visiting

The beach park has an admission fee of AED 5 per person. Admission is free of cost for visitors with special needs and infants below 2 years of age. Additional facilities such as sun bed; access to swimming pools and recreational sports area; barbeque picnicking will cost extra charges. Cabins and Chalet rent prices are AED 200.

The beach park operates from 8 am to 10 pm from Sundays to Wednesday, 8 am to 11 pm on Thursdays to Saturdays, public holiday and Ramadan month.

Al Mamzar Beach

Mondays & Wednesdays are Ladies Day where only women and children are allowed in the beach park. Fridays are usually crowded with locals as it is a weekend holiday in Dubai.

2. The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence

Dubai is famous for chic shopping, dining, and recreational entertainment and it is scattered all over the emirate. Nevertheless, when you visit The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, you get all these within a 1.7-kilometer stretch. This suave waterfront boulevard located in Dubai Marina offers stylish boutiques for a satisfying retail therapy. The precinct has a mind-blowing collection of luxury hotels and world-class fine-dining venues. The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is also where you can spot supercars in action. Take a nighttime stroll and you can witness elite luxury supercars such as Lamborghini or Bugatti cruising down the one-way, part-pedestrianized promenade. The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is tagged as the new hangout place in Dubai and is slowly gaining popularity among tourists.

Things to know before visiting

Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is about 30 minutes away from Dubai International airport and Downtown Dubai. A taxi ride will cost around AED 100.

Jumeirah Beach Residence, BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN DUBAI
Jumeirah Beach Residence

You can opt for a Dubai metro ride. The closest metro station is Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 1.

3. VOX Outdoor Rooftop Cinema

One of the most beautiful places in Dubai that gives you the ultimate in experience, be it shopping; a luxury overnight stay or an activity as simple as watching a movie. While you can catch a movie within any multiplex cinemas scattered around Dubai, there is only one place that gives you an absolutely awesome movie experience. VOX Outdoor Rooftop Cinema is UAE’s one and only alfresco movie watching experience.

Located on the rooftop of Galleria Mall, Dubai, VOX Outdoor Rooftop Cinema offers its guests a serene, lounge-like setting filled with comfy sofas, VIP chairs and beanbags under the starry sky where you can relax comfortably staring at the dark sequined sky and chilling out until it is show time. You can watch the latest blockbuster movie of different languages in an ambiance equipped with awesome visual technology and Dolby surround sounds under the dark sky, surrounded by Dubai’s gleaming city skyline.

Things to know before visiting

A normal ticket costs AED 137 per person and includes a seat, food and beverage pack and blankets for chilly weather. 3D glasses will have additional charges.

Do check the viewer ratings of the movie before booking a movie. Child viewing restrictions are applicable for certain movies according to age and identification to prove age may be requested.

4. XVA Art Hotel

XVA Art Hotel courtyard. Flickr: Bernard Oh / CC BY-ND 2.0

Dubai can get a bit monotonous with shimmering high rise skyscrapers and posh shopping malls. If you need a change of scenery for a day, then head to the rustic Al Bastakiya district of Dubai. This section of Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in Dubai. It takes you way past into the olden days of Dubai when the emirate was a desert land with simple civilization. What makes this sector more interesting is that while exploring the narrow labyrinth of alleys, you might turn up at a historic house turned into a humble café, art gallery or a hotel.

Things to do at the hotel

XVA art hotel is one such hotel that seamlessly blends Middle Eastern heritage and art along with simplified living. Located in Al Fahidi district, the hotel offers its guests 14 individual guest rooms with interiors decked up in earthy hues accentuated with Middle Eastern architecture and motifs. The hotel has kept its original structure with three wind towers intact to this day. Discover the beauty and talent of resident artists in the internationally acclaimed art gallery. Delving on lip-smacking vegetarian Arabic meals at an award-winning restaurant; lounging in tree-shaded courtyards with mellowed ambiance; and spending the solaced starry night on the rooftop are some other ‘must do’ things while you are staying at this fascinating hotel. An XVA Art hotel overnight experience makes you realize that these beautiful places in Dubai have a simpler side hidden amid its sophistication.

Things to know before visiting

The cuisine is Middle Eastern, but you will get only vegetarian dishes here.

An overnight stay in XVA Art hotel starts from 410 AED per night onwards.

5. The Majlis Café at Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah mosque. Flickr: Laurent GASS / CC BY 2.0

You haven’t witnessed genuine Arabic lifestyle if you haven’t tasted camel milk. There are many beautiful places in Dubai and hubs for all sorts of desserts and beverages made out of camel milk. But the most prominent place to taste the finest camel milk dishes is at The Majlis Café. Set on the premises of the charming Jumeirah Mosque; Majlis Café welcomes you to a serene ambiance shaded by ghaf trees. Boasted as the café that offers the finest camel milk; the Majlis Café offers a diverse menu full of amazing dishes such as ice creams, cheeses, flavored milkshakes and lattes made from camel milk.

The experience is a refreshing change from the glitzy Dubai city cafes. Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque in Dubai to allow entry to non-Muslims. Visitors of all religion from any part of the world can tour the mosque as well as visit this amazing café.

Things to know before visiting

The Jumeirah Mosque tours are hosted by Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural from Saturdays till Thursday at 10.am every day.

The tour duration is about 75 minutes and cost per person is AED 20.

Visitors have to oblige to dressing etiquettes while visiting the mosque.

On your next Dubai trip, take the road less traveled and witness some soul-stirring Dubai experiences. These beautiful places in Dubai will make your trip a unique vacation. It will intrigue you to dig deep and find similar hidden gems camouflaged under the glamorous veneer of Dubai city.

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