The 5 Most Amazing Cruise Dishes You Must Try

These days, cruise ships boast more restaurants than many all-inclusive resorts; with some ships showcasing up to a staggering 25 places to eat! And while most ships still provide the classic self-service buffets. More and more gourmet speciality restaurants are popping up; and with them come a world of inventive, creative dishes to try. If you’re not a stranger to choosing your holiday according to what the local food is; we’ve put together a list of the five most amazing cruise dishes to help you choose a cruise line for your next nautical getaway.

Top 5 Amazing Cruise Dishes to Enjoy

Amazing Cruise Dishes

Sushi Lollipops on Celebrity Cruises

You’ve seen sushi burritos and sushi donuts…but have you seen sushi lollipops? Qsine restaurant on Celebrity Cruises has this amazing appetiser. Sushi lollipops are made up of bite-size pieces of delicious sushi in the shape of lollipops! Eight small sticks atop of which sit spicy tuna rolls, prawn rolls, salmon rolls and snow crab rolls alongside essential soy and wasabi dips provide the perfect beginning to any meal.

Duck Leg Confit on Princess Cruises

The masterful creation of celebrity chef Curtis Stone, duck leg confit on Princess Cruises is a rich, decadent and luxurious dish you’ve got to try if you’re really into good food. Duck leg confit is available to savour at SHARE restaurant. Comprised of a salt-cured duck leg with the most perfectly crispy skin; this dish is served with bacon-flavoured beans and parmesan cheese.

Fruit Loop French Toast on Carnival Cruises

Amazing Cruise Dishes

Carnival is known for being a fun and exciting cruise line and the food certainly follows suit. Served up as part of the sea day brunch; the Dr Seuss-inspired dish is a popular child favourite made up of two incredibly thick pieces of French toast, then covered in colourful Fruit Loop cereal! There’s a huge bowl of accompanying syrup for dunking and a Dr. Seuss hat decoration made out of fruit for an extra special touch.

Louis XV on Disney Cruise Line

Presented at Disney Cruise Line’s adults-only French restaurant Remy; Louis XV is an opulent dessert that will steal the heart of any true chocolate lover. Instagram-worthy from every angle; this chocoholic’s treat features a delicate French praline encased inside a dark chocolate glaze served with a scoop for milk chocolate mousse and decorated with edible gold leaf.

29-oz Tomahawk Rib Chop on Norwegian Cruise Line

Served at Cagney’s, Norwegian Cruise Line’s signature steakhouse; the 29-oz Tomahawk Rib Chop is like a dream come true for any ravenous carnivore. Served just how you like it. This larger-than-life steak can be made with a Dijon mustard or gorgonzola cheese crust; then smothered in a creamy pepper sauce or heavenly garlic butter for the most amazing cruise dishes of your life.

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