48 Hours in Pittsburgh: Diner, Drive and Dives

It’s your second full day in Pittsburgh. You’ve explored some of its neighborhoods, its parks and sampled its food and beer. What else is there to do you ask? Plenty more, in fact! On day two, prepare for some more mouthwatering grub, enjoy a bit of the countryside and jam along local bands playing live music. Make this next leg of your 48 hours in Pittsburgh trip your own version of diner, drive and dives.

48 Hours in Pittsburgh: Diner, Drive and Dives

Diner, Drive and Dives,Crepe Hotcakes with Strawberry
Crepe Hotcakes with Strawberry

Pamela’s Diner

Kick off the diner, drive and dives portion of your 48 hours in Pittsburgh trip with breakfast at Pamela’s Diner. Easily ranked as one of the best places to eat in Pittsburgh, this cash only establishment has been serving locals for over 30 years and is infamous for their crepe hotcakes. Get a stack of three with your choice or meats or opt for the specialty ones served with fruit and whipped cream. If you prefer a heavier meal, try their Pittsburgh Mash, made with Lyonnaise potatoes, kielbasa and sauerkraut. There are five locations within the city including the original one on Squirrel Hill.


Once you’ve got your fill, take a rental car and drive about an hour southeast to Mill Run, Pennsylvania where you can visit one of the US’ most interesting house. I’m referring to Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home situated in the middle of a natural reserve. The house itself is a marvelous combination of genius and innovative architecture.

If you look at it today, you’ll see many features of contemporary and modern design. Without knowing its history, you may never have guessed that the house itself was constructed in the 1930s. What makes Fallingwater even more unique is the way it fits in perfectly within the environment it is in. Most visitors who come here comment on its Zen-like features and certainly take advantage of the peaceful surroundings.


Note: It is highly recommended that you buy your tour tickets in advance. Adult tickets are $30 and youth tickets for ages 6-12 are $18. Tours are available daily, from 10-4 p.m. except on Wednesdays.

Night Market

Night Market Vendor
Night Market Vendor

For the final installment of your diner, drive and dives day, head downtown to Market Square and experience a Pittsburgh summer tradition: Night Market. Join the hundreds, even thousands of locals every Saturday night as they co-mingle on picnic tables and green grass to eat and drink local grub while enjoying live music courtesy of homegrown bands.

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