4 Ways to Find the Best Vacation Rental

Everyone dreams of the perfect vacation. You unlock the door to your rental, drop your bags and run over to look at the view. With the right rental, your vacation starts off well and just heightens your excitement. Pick the wrong rental, though, and you might regret you ever left home in the first place! The right rental makes it easy to relax and is a must for any vacation. To find the right one, you need to know the signs to keep an eye out for. These tips will help you find the best vacation rental.

Find The Best Vacation Rental


No matter the reason for your trip, having a rental in the right place is guaranteed to help you have a great vacation. Depending on the trip, you may want to be closer to downtown, or outside the busy city.

Look for locations with the following:

  • Close to stores and amenities
  • Clear views of beaches or nature
  • Beach access
  • Easy access to attractions
  • Short commute times to big attractions

Easy access to shopping centers and stores is a great feature for a vacation rental. This makes it easy to get supplies you need and find the perfect souvenir to remember your trip.

Beach views are awesome for any vacation rental, and a beautiful shoreline is a key selling point. Aside from being able to see the water, having easy access and a short walk to the beach is a great feature.

Having a vacation rental that is close to other attractions, such as nightlife, is another great feature for your rental. You can have short commutes and be right where the action is.

Once you find the perfect location for your vacation rental, you should look at reviews to make sure you pick the right one.

Vacation rental reviews

Reviews are key when booking your vacation rental. Before you book, you should always look closely at the reviews to make sure you are staying somewhere safe, and clean.

When reading reviews you should look for:

  1. Room photos: Are the rooms clean and match the photos online?
  2. Customer service: How were issues handled by those working there?
  3. Price: Did the price of the room match the expectations of the guest, or did they feel shortchanged?

Notice if there is a common issue in the reviews, and make sure to check in more than one place if possible. Facebook, Google, Yelp and Trip Advisor are great places to find reviews for any rental.

Reviews help you see what others’ experiences were. Reviews can also give insight into a company’s customer service and how they are likely to handle your stay.

Outdoor living spaces and views

Sunroom; find the best vacation rental

An important feature in your vacation rental is how it maximizes the scenery of the location.

With a beautiful landscape, any rental you look for should highlight it inside and out. The following emphasizes the landscape and help utilize the indoor and outdoor spaces:

  • Windows
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Porches, patios and sunrooms
  • Outdoor pools or hot tubs

Outdoor living spaces such as fireplaces, grills, or fire pits are a great way to use relax in a beautiful location.

Patios and sunrooms are great, especially with coastal living; you can enjoy the beach no matter the weather outside. Windy or rainy days are a good time to unwind, relax and see the forces of nature at work. They are also a great way to relax with friends, families and neighbors and enjoy your vacation!

During summer months, having the option to go swimming can be both fun and relaxing. A rental that offers a pool or hot tub can help you relax and play. Indoor pools and hot tubs can be used all year long, without the fear of a sunburn!

Most vacation rentals should offer the right combination of nature and relaxation. With outdoor spaces you can thoroughly enjoy the location you came to visit.

High-end finishes

Luxury upgrades in vacation rentals are nice. High-end finishes and tiny details can transform a vacation rental to a luxury stay in a manner of minutes.

High-end finishes make transforming your vacation rental easy, as it adds luxury to everyday living. These upgrades will make your vacation rental feel like a resort.

High-end finishes could be any of the following:

  • Beautiful counters and backsplash
  • Showers and bathtubs
  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Large beautiful windows
  • Security features
  • Smart-home features

Every high-end feature and upgrade should add to the beautiful landscape, and add a sense of comfort and relaxation. High-end finishes can be practical, and something that will be used every day, or just make it easier for you to relax.

In fact, this lender states that vacation rentals want to offer their guests the best experience, so looking for these features can ensure a relaxing stay.


Woman on a balcony; find the best vacation rental

To find the best vacation rental, look for the following to get the most out of the beautiful landscape and scenery.

  1. Location: Picking a vacation rental in the right location will ensure you get to see the sights and enjoy short commutes.
  2. Reviews: Check the photos and reviews to make sure your rental offers everything you need. Reviews help you avoid a bad rental experience.
  3. Outdoor living spaces and views: Enjoy your vacation rental with outdoor spaces that make it easy to relax.
  4. High-end finishes: Upgrade your room for extra features to make your stay even more relaxing and fun.

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