4 Things to Consider on a Bangkok Business Trip

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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is not only a place for personal experience but also one many people choose for professional and business purposes. The city provides a distinctive way to further business interests while interacting with different and diverse cultures. When planning a Bangkok business trip, prior arrangements are required.

To start off, familiarize yourself with the city. (For instance, did you know the name Bangkok is a translation made by non-nationals, who came visiting the city years ago?)

Here are few things worth considering while planning your business trip to Bangkok, .

Select an appropriate venue

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There are various factors to consider while selecting an appropriate venue. The type of business that you want to carry out in the venue you are looking for will determine the venue selected. If the venue is for conference and meeting planning, consider its location, security, and proximity to roads. This will ensure accessibility is easy for everyone attending the meeting.

If you are not familiar with Bangkok city, or it is your first trip there, consider consulting a trip planner. A planner can help gather important information and find the resources you need. They will research for you where to get international-standard event venues with ease.

Find out the types of meeting rooms available in Bangkok

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Bangkok has been known as a business destination for years. In this regard, the city has a wide range of choices for conference and meeting areas. The range of venues available are appropriate for formal and informal meetings, casual discussions and business lunches.

Most people prefer booking a conference room based in a hotel in order to make catering services easy. This also is a perfect arrangement when the conference is lasting for a number of days, as attendees who are not residents of Bangkok can board there.

Become familiar with Thailand’s local customs

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Before embarking on a Bangkok business trip, be sure to familiarize yourself with Thai customs and culture. You may find yourself facing legal consequences by committing seemingly minor offenses. For instance, the national anthem is broadcast at least twice a day, and during that time everyone is supposed to stop. The legal consequences of a failure to do so are dire.

Also, it is important to understand the weather conditions in Bangkok beforehand. The weather is normally hot throughout the year and most people dress in lightweight clothing. This will give you a clue on the type of clothing to pack for your business trip. If you are traveling to Bangkok from a country that is quite chilly, you may need some time to adapt to the weather there.

Having solid information on how to travel in Bangkok and adapting to the customs of Thailand will ease conferences and business meetings, and make them more productive.

Touring Bangkok

Tuk-Tuks in Bangkok's China Town
Tuk-Tuks in Bangkok’s China Town

Besides being a destination for many business meetings, Bangkok is also historically rich. You will find in this city amazing destinations like The Golden Buddha Temple, Chinatown, and The Grand Palace. Wat Pho temple features a 46-meter-long reclining statue of Buddha that is covered in gold leaf. You also cannot miss the unique shops located in Chinatown. These is just a taste of what Bangkok has to offer. After your business meeting, tour the city for more scenic views and discover it all for yourself.

It is very important to do thorough research before your Bangkok business trip, to make sure your meeting is productive and sets a basis for your business career success.

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