4 Must-Do Things on Your First Cruise Day

Seasoned cruisers have got their embarkation day routine down to a T. Some make a beeline for the best bar where they can get their favourite drink, while others wander around the ship snapping photos and uploading them online to make their friends and family back home jealous. But if you’re a cruising newbie, how are you meant to know what to do on your first day onboard? To get your cruise off on the right foot, here are 4 must-do things on your first cruise day; to get your vacation off on the right track.

4 Must-Do Things on Your First Cruise Day

Although there’s no official list of rules of what you’ve got to do on embarkation day, there are a few tips and tricks to set you up for the best cruise possible.

4 Must-Do Things on Your First Cruise Day
Start your cruise off the right way with these 4 tips

Arrive Earlier Than Your Boarding Time

This might seem like a bit of a faux-pas; but you want your holiday to start as early as possible, right? Despite what it says on your cruise ticket; most terminals open up around 10am-11am and boarding generally begins around an hour later. Being one of the first people on the ship means you’ll be able to snap loads of photos that aren’t ruined by hordes of other cruisers; and get a tropical drink at the bar without having to queue for ages.

Start your cruise holiday as early as you can

Skip the Buffet

When the hunger pangs kick in, suppress the urge to head for the buffet and find out if one of the other restaurants is open for lunch. Almost all cruise ships offer at least one buffet and one main dining room option on embarkation day; but most cruisers head straight for the crowded buffet. Lunch at the MDR (Main Dining Room) will not only be quieter; but you’ll have the luxury of being waited on, too.

Head for the main dining room for a quieter lunch

Explore the Ship

It’s so tempting to grab a spot at the atrium and watch all the comings and goings; or lounge on a sun bed and start working on your tan as soon as you get on board. But embarkation day is prime time to explore the ship. If you spend your first day getting your bearings; you won’t waste hours looking for the nearest lifts or searching for the theatre five minutes before the show starts for the rest of your cruise.

Discover fun new places on your ship by having a good look around on your first day

Be on Deck for the Sailaway Party

Most cruise liners have a sailaway party on the main pool deck when the boat departs for the very first time. But even if yours doesn’t, it’s still definitely worth planning to be on deck when the ship pulls away. You’ll be surrounded by other people super excited to begin their holiday, fun nautical-themed music and a gorgeous view you won’t forget any time soon.

The sailaway party always has a fantastic atmosphere

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