4 Jobs Suitable for Living as an Expat in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a buzzing province that attracts more foreigners every passing year. As an expat, you can easily take up a teaching job if you have a Bachelor’s degree in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). With a stable livelihood you can live as an expat in Chiang Mai, exploring the province and Thailand as a whole.

You can browse the internet for the best places to live in Thailand as you begin your transition abroad as a foreigner with expat life in Chiang Mai. There are condos to rent, and all basic amenities are catered for. You get to immerse yourself in Chiang Mai’s culture and enjoy the cool and warm climate.

Teaching English in Chiang Mai

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Teaching English in Chiang Mai is an excellent choice for an expat in Chiang Mai. There are many international schools looking for English teachers. English Teaching jobs in Chiang Mai pay well, allowing you to visit world-class beaches and experience elephants in their natural habitat.

As a teacher, you get to interact with individuals from different countries and backgrounds. With each passing day, you get new activities to take part in. Even though Chiang Mai law demands that for each one foreigner an organization employs, four natives are employed, being fluent in English and having a Bachelor’s degree in TEFL guarantees you a job.

You can choose to visit elephant sanctuaries or mountain forests in the North. You can also go for freelance teaching or online teaching that allow you flexibility and a laid back lifestyle. With a means of income, you can explore Chiang Mai’s entertainment scene and travel through Thailand.

Start a bricks and mortar business

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Even though it is quite challenging to open a bricks and mortar business as an expat in Chiang Mai, if you put your mind to it, it’s possible. You can have an expert assist you with the paperwork put in place by Thai’s bureaucratic system. Chiang Mai has a vibrant nightlife and a café scene that ensures you experience culinary delight and make new friends. Self-employment is a suitable choice for an expat in Chiang Mai as you explore Thailand and meet new people.

Run an online business

Consider selling goods from Thailand abroad as an e-commerce business.  VPS Hosting is another good tool that helps you to run an online business smoothly. Also, running an online business is much easier than having a bricks and mortar store. Alternatively, you can have a bricks and mortar store that has a business website. Consider building relationships with the locals so that you have an easy time making sales.

Chiang Mai has friendly locals who will help you discover new destinations to visit. Learning the native language also helps with eliminating the language barrier so you don’t pass up opportunities for business because you cannot communicate. You can visit Thailand’s bustling capital or ride the Mae Hong Son Loop.

Earn money SEO writing

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Just like running an online business, SEO writing allows you to have a laid back lifestyle. Living in Chiang Mai as a copywriter for websites is lucrative as there are English publications that require individuals fluent in English.

Creating content for a Chiang Mai-based travel blog allows you to use your experience to educate people about Chiang Mai. You get to draw unbiased conclusions and describe Chiang Mai from a fresh and honest perspective. You can also design people’s websites to supplement your income.


Living as an expat in Chiang Mai is attractive as the area has a favourable climate and the cost of living is affordable. Aside from the affordable cost of living, finding a place to live is a breeze.

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