4 incredible Singaporean Experiences

Despite being a stopover for many flights leaving or returning to Australia, Singapore is also an extremely interesting and worthwhile destination to visit! As a truly global city, Singapore is a trade, travel and transport hub connecting South East Asia with countries around the world. The island-city state of Singapore has a pulse which beats much faster than other cities around the world, this place just feels busy. Below are 4 essential experiences in Singapore you should prioritise in this progressive exemplar city.

4 Essential Experiences in Singapore

1. Visit the galleries

Singapore is beyond doubt the arts hub of Southeast Asia. Boasting a number of high profile arts institutions, Singapore is the city to visit if you’re after a day of passive and calm gallery hopping. Start your day with Singapore’s National Gallery, which hosts the world’s largest display of contemporary Southeast Asian art. From there, make your way to either the Singapore Art Museum or the Singapore Pinacothèque De Paris.

4 Essential Experiences in Singapore: National Museum of Singapore
National Museum of Singapore: Photo schristia / CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Enjoy living in a literal foodie paradise

As a globally integrated city, Singapore does an incredible job at all different styles of cuisine. Believe me, the standards are extremely high. The Singaporean cuisine is incredibly mouth watering too, you should definitely try a meal of the iconic chilli crab or chicken rice. For a list of world class restaurants, be sure to pick up a copy of Singapore’s Michelin guide- it the only one published in Southeast Asia.

4 Essential Experiences in Singapore: Singapore Chilli Crab
Singapore Chilli Crab: Photo insatiablemunchies / CC BY 2.0

3. Enjoy strolling through the gardens of Singapore

Singapore is known as the garden city. Despite being extremely urbanised, with high rises everywhere you look, Singapore also boasts lots of greenery. Make sure you visit the many public gardens around the city. Namely Gardens by the Bay, the National Orchid Garden and Singapore’s Botanic Gardens are all crucial must dos when in Singapore. Singapore genuinely prides itself on its gardens- you will not be disappointed!

4 Essential Experiences in Singapore: Gardens By The Bay
Gardens By The Bay: Photo eugenephoen / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

4. Go shopping

Singapore is a shoppers paradise. The global connections of Singapore make shopping a real shopping treat. Whether you’re after the famed Orchard Road, luxurious boutiques or smaller independent retailers, Singapore will meet all your shopping needs. Because Singapore is a common stopover destination for jetsetters, even the airport itself has become a famed duty-free shopping destination.

4 Essential Experiences in Singapore: Shopping in China Town
Shopping in China Town: Photo on Flickr by Jan Arendtsz / CC BY-ND 2.0

Thankfully the magnificent city of Singapore is well within the reach of Sydneysiders and Melbourners alike. It’s close enough for a weekend getaway, and with many many cheap flights available, Singapore is a cultural journey you should embark on!

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