4 Awesome Bahamas Animal Experiences

With miles upon miles of pristine golden beaches and crystal-clear tropical waters teeming with marine life; the Bahamas is a real playground for animal lovers keen to get into the ocean and discover the magic that lives just below the surface. Throughout the 700 islands that make up this idyllic paradise, and with these Bahamas animal experiences, you’ll find all the usual creatures you’d expect to find in the Caribbean, as well as one that might just surprise you.

Go diving with turtles in Eleuthera Island,4 Awesome Bahamas Animal Experiences
Go diving with turtles in Eleuthera Island

4 Awesome Bahamas Animal Experiences

Diving with Turtles

In and around Eleuthera Island you’ll find four different species of sea turtle; each preferring its own distinct habitat: shallow coastal zones, the open ocean, coral reefs and mangrove forests. Take a glass-bottom boat trip to see the turtles out at sea; or don your mask and snorkel and go swimming to see them in shallow coastal zones and coral reefs. Alternatively, rent a kayak or canoe and traverse the 43-acre saltwater Turtle Lake to see them among the mangroves.

Feed stingrays on Balmoral Island,4 Awesome Bahamas Animal Experiences
Feed stingrays on Balmoral Island

Feeding Stingrays

One group of marine creatures that often gets forgotten about; stingrays are surprisingly friendly and curious, almost as much as dolphins. And a trip to Balmoral Island gives you a chance to get to know these mysterious animals during a 30 minute encounter. The expert handler shows great care and attention to the stingrays as they introduce you to them, let you pet them and even feed them. The sensation of holding a raw fish underwater; while a giant stingray swims over your hand and sucks the fish up like a vacuum is one you’ll never forget!

Swim with sharks at Compass Cay,4 Awesome Bahamas Animal Experiences
Swim with sharks at Compass Cay

Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with dolphins is so last year. Now it’s all about swimming with sharks! The marina at Compass Cay is the perfect place to get up close and personal with the magnificent marine mammals, as marina workers toss fish into the water for the sharks to snack on. When they’re busy eating, the sharks are much too occupied to worry about what visitors are doing; giving you ample opportunity to swim amongst them and see them like never before.

Play with pigs at exuma,4 Awesome Bahamas Animal Experiences
Play with pigs at Exuma

Playing with Pigs

Yes, you read that right – pigs in the Bahamas! The islands’ famous swimming pigs live on Exuma and are so incredibly friendly you’ll struggle to believe they aren’t someone’s pets. The 50 or so pigs who call the island home rush over to greet visitors as soon as they arrive; and to check to see if they brought any snacks, of course. It’s a bit tricky to get to the island, as you can only arrive from Nassau by flying; or taking a very long and bumpy boat ride; but the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to splash about in the sea with swimming pigs makes the trouble 100% worth it.

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