4 Amazing Fall Travel Destinations in the United States

Labor Day is behind us now, and with its passing summer is unofficially coming to a close. However, the end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of your travel plans. With the popular summer months out of the way and kids back in school; many top destinations are seeing their crowds dwindle. Other destinations that were overbearingly hot during the summer are now opening their doors to travelers as temperatures begin to cool. Fall is a travel season all its own, and the weather-savvy traveler will have plenty of great destinations to visit. Those who are budget conscious should also remember that hitting popular destinations during the off-season is a great way to save money on vacation. Here are 4 amazing fall travel destinations in the United States not to be missed.

4 Amazing Fall Travel Destinations


Historical Alamo in San Antonio Texas. fall travel destinations
The Alamo: Photo on Pixabay by Stephen Becker

In the summer, Texas is known for its scorching temperatures. However, while visiting fall travel destinations, temperatures will begin to drop down to more comfortable levels. Travelers who want to see this iconic state — the largest of the lower 48 — in all its glory will be well served during the fall.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, you absolutely must visit Big Bend National Park. This National Park highlights the beautiful natural area around the bend in the Rio Grande, and RV travelers will be pleased to know that there is free RV camping in the park, as well as other public lands in the state of Texas.

Those interested in culture will be excited to see the cities of Houston or Austin. Both are melting pots of cultures from a variety of countries; including a growing Vietnamese food scene developed by refugees from the Vietnam War who settled in the area; and their children who are carrying on the legacy.

Washington D.C.

National Archives Museum, Washington DC. fall travel destinations

The capital city of the United States may not look too hot during the summer on temperature charts. But locals and frequent visitors will tell you that the city’s humidity — thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean — will make you eager to stay inside with your air conditioning cranked to full blast. In spite of the wet heat that permeates the area, travelers will still flock here during the summer months. Some parents will rush here to give their children an educational vacation in this historic city before the end of the summer break.

By hitting Washington D.C. during the fall, you can avoid the summer crowds and the summer heat. Don’t take that to mean that the city will feel empty, however. The business of running the country must continue. No matter how hot it gets or how many tourists are looking on. In addition to seeing the city’s many historic landmarks; be sure to stop by some of the buildings that house today’s elected officials. If you’re interested in watching the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives in session, you can contact your representatives in congress and ask for a gallery pass.

Southern California

fall travel destinations

On the other side of the country is another destination. In spite of being popular during the summer, it may be more comfortable for travelers as temperatures start to go down. There is plenty to do in Southern California; including visiting either of the major cities down south — San Diego and Los Angeles. And basking in the cultural opportunities that they offer. Grab some of the best tacos you’ll ever eat from a taco truck. Try surfing on any one of the many beaches along the SoCal coast. Although you may be inspired by experienced surfers going topless, beginners can expect to spend a lot of time in the water and not quite as much on the board, so be sure to bring along a good wetsuit.

Further away from the waters of the Pacific Ocean, travelers can also use cooler temperatures to see Joshua Tree National Park. Named for the oddly shaped tree that grows throughout the park, Joshua Tree National Park’s most iconic feature is probably its massive granite formations, which cover large sections of the park and are a popular hangout for rock climbers from all over the world.


Lighthouse in Biscayne National Park. fall travel destinations

Always one of the most popular fall travel destinations, the entire state of Florida is fair game during the fall. Visitors will be interested to experience the exotic Everglades National Park, located at the southern tip of the state and full of unique wildlife. The state’s many beaches are also available to tourists who just want to kick back and enjoy the waves. In fact, the Atlantic Ocean is warmer than the Pacific, so travelers who skipped out on the West Coast for Florida may feel very comfortable about that decision.

One thing to keep in mind is that fall in Florida means hurricane season. The state has become pretty experienced at handling these massive storms. But they can still leave a mark on poorer communities or neighborhoods that lie further inland and don’t always expect to feel the full blast of the storm. However, coming to Florida after a major hurricane can be a great idea if you’re interested in voluntourism.

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